16 Asian Supermarkets in Greater Cleveland to Explore

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland is a melting pot of global cultures with a strong Asian-American heritage that spans multiple countries. One of the best reflections of this cultural impact can be found in the city’s culinary landscape.

Northeast Ohio is fortunate to have access to an immense amount of Asian cuisine that only seems to be growing. From regional Chinese to Indian to Vietnamese, the city has a little bit of everything.

While there are several restaurants worth visiting that serve authentic cultural cuisine, there’s no better way to learn about food than at the source. Greater Cleveland is home to several Asian supermarkets that sell hard-to-find ingredients from around the world.

Here are 16 local Asian supermarkets in Greater Cleveland worth exploring. It’s a great way to break away from your usual weekly grocery shop to try something new.

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A&A Indio-Asian Grocery Store

23260 Broadway Avenue, Oakwood

A&A Grocery near Bedford is a must-visit store for those looking for authentic Indian ingredients. From spices and produce to ready-to-eat produce, A&A has everything you need to prepare a flavorful Indian meal that will rival even the best restaurant takeout.

Asia Food Co.Alex Darus

Asia Food Co.

1541 E. 38th Street, Cleveland

Asia Food Company is an Asiatown staple for groceries, from fresh produce to frozen foods. This is another store that offers a wide variety of staples and interesting snacks to add variety to your typical grocery list.

International CAM Market

21200 Miles Road, North Randall

CAM International Market near Warrensville Heights is a huge store filled with endless aisles of Asian ingredients that any foodie wanting to learn more about Asian cuisine must visit. The store sells a wide selection of produce, snacks and pantry items from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and beyond.

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Good harvest asian market

Good harvest asian marketAlex Darus

Good harvest food market

3038 Payne Avenue, Cleveland

Good Harvest is another Asiatown store offering basic groceries, and beyond that, it’s a huge asset to the neighborhood. The baked goods and meat sections are especially worth spending more time and discovering new flavors.

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j&j asian market

j&j asian marketAlex Darus

J&J Asian Market Inc.

24529 Lorain Road, Olmsted North

J&J Asian Mart in North Olmsted is a small but mighty grocery store with a little bit of everything. From Asian cuisine to gifts, J&J is worth the trip to source ingredients that are hard to find in regular grocery stores in Northeast Ohio.

Kim's Oriental Market

Kim’s MarketAlex Darus


3700 Superior Avenue, Cleveland

Kim’s in Asiatown specifically offers a majority of Korean ingredients, but they sell a little bit of everything. Kim’s is known for selling specialty products for making kimchi and other traditional dishes. This makes it a major asset for the neighborhood.

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Nee How Asian Market

Nee How Asian MarketAlex Darus

Nee How Chinese Food Market

23843 Lorain Road, Olmsted North

Nee How is a small Asian grocer on the West Side, but the items it carries are carefully selected. Aside from groceries and household items, Nee How is also praised for its diverse selection of imported beers and wines that are worth checking out.

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Nipa Hut

6775 W. 130th Street, Parma Heights

Nipa Hut in Parma Heights is a hub of Filipino-American cuisine and culture in the area. Aside from being a major market, Nipa Hut also offers a tasty daily takeout menu including Filipino appetizers, main dishes and all-day breakfast.

Paing family Asian grocery store

986 Brown Street, Akron

A great Asian grocery store in Akron worth checking out is Paing Family. The market is fully stocked with pantry staples, frozen items, snacks, and more, making it easy to find ingredients without having to travel to Asiatown.

Parking for Shopping in Cleveland

Parking for Shopping in ClevelandAlex Darus

Park for shopping

1580 E. 30th Street, Cleveland

Park To Shop in Asiatown is perfect for someone who may not be familiar with Asian markets as they are large but easy to navigate. The store offers a little bit of everything, including household items and kitchen utensils. It’s easy to get lost in the aisles of instant noodles and bamboo steamers.

SB International

SB InternationalAlex Darus

SB International Grocery

14440 Purity Avenue, Cleveland

SB International is a slice of Nepal in Cleveland that also accepts online orders. SB International is unassuming from the outside, but the interior is full of colorful products that make it a sight to behold. The store offers a variety of Nepalese groceries, clothing and ready-to-eat items, from momo dumplings to samosas.

Sugarland Food Market

5330 Ridge Rd., Parma

Another market focused on Filipino-American foods and products is the Sugarland Food Mart in Parma. Groceries range from frozen goods to pantry staples to fresh seafood that may be difficult to obtain at other stores.

Sunny’s Asian Cuisine and Spices

33625 Aurora Road, Solon

Sunny’s Asian Market in Solon sells groceries from a wide variety of Southeast Asian cuisines. The market also sells ready-made Indian street food in addition to its usual range of products.

Tink Hall Market

Tink Hall MarketAlex Darus

Tink Hall Market

1735 E. 36th Street, Cleveland

Tink Holl is another store with a little bit of everything, including groceries, home goods, personal care items and more. There’s always something new to find at Tink Holl Market if you take the time to look, so it’s one of the places in Asiatown that every foodie should visit at least once.

Young oriental food market

6644 Wise Ave. NW, North Canton

Young Oriental in Guangzhou offers products for preparing cuisine from a variety of Asian cultures, from Korean to Filipino to Chinese. This is another comprehensive store that can serve as a one-stop shop for groceries and more.

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