3 Georgia BBQ joints rank among South’s 50 best, according to ‘Southern Living’ – 95.5 WSB

ATLANTA — Three barbecue restaurants in Georgia have created Southern life list of the “50 best barbecues” in the South.

From brisket to pulled pork, these barbecue joints have everything to satisfy your cravings.

At #49 is Fox Bros. Bar-BQ, at 1238 DeKalb Avenue Northeast, Atlanta. Created by brothers Jonathan and Justin Fox, the restaurant opened its first location along DeKalb Avenue in Atlanta in 2007.

“Brisket, pulled pork, chicken and ribs are menu mainstays, and these meats are transformed into creative, cross-regional combinations like chicken-fried ribs with Alabama-style white sauce, “Tomminator” tater tots topped with Brunswick stew and towering smoked bologna and chili cheese sandwiches, ” Southern life Robert F. Moss writes. “The Foxes call it ‘Atlanta style,’ and it seems well suited to a dynamic melting pot of a city.”

To get to number 22 on the list, you’ll need to head to coastal Georgia to try Southern Soul Barbeque. The restaurant is located at 2020 Demere Road on St. Simons Island.

“There are, of course, delicious slow-smoked meats: brisket, chicken, turkey and sausages, all cooked over oak in Oyler and Lang pits. Sweet, honey-smoked short ribs are a longtime favorite, and Southern Soul’s rich, tangy version of Georgia’s traditional Brunswick stew is a delight,” Moss writes.

Closer to metro Atlanta, #2, the highest restaurant on the list, is located in Jackson. Fresh Air Barbecue is located at 1164 Highway 42 South. “The original Fresh Air Barbecue in Jackson, Georgia is Georgia’s oldest barbecue restaurant still in its original location,” the restaurant’s website states.

Fresh Air Barbecue was established in 1929, originally owned by Dr. Joel Watkins, and then purchased in 1945 by Butts County native George W. “Toots” Caston.

Since then, “four generations of the Toots Caston family have worked or been directly involved in the history of Fresh Air Barbecue, adding their ideas and improvements to the business. »

“Barbecue here means one thing and one thing only: pork, specifically 15- to 20-pound hams slow-cooked over hickory and oak. The finished pork is cut into long shreds and dressed in a thin, tangy red sauce, and it’s infused with the rich, juicy smoky flavor you can only get from a direct-heat pit,” Moss writes.

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