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3 New Catering Products from Tyson for Breakfast, Beyond

Photographs courtesy of Tyson Foodservice

Tyson Foodservice is launching three new products that it says will help operators, including convenience stores, address administrative challenges and diverse consumer tastes.

“Building on the legacy of popular Tyson Honey Stung Bone-In Chicken products, Tyson Foodservice introduces boneless tenderloins (top right) in two new flavor profiles: Original Honey and Hot Honey,” the company said in Springdale, Arkansas.

The honey-chicken pairing is a favorite among consumers, with hot honey flavor profiles growing 40% over the past 12 months and 111% over the past four years, Tyson said, citing the Datassential statistics.

“Made with more than three decades of expertise, Tyson Honey Stung Fillets are made with real honey and deliver an authentic taste experience, from light, crispy breading to juicy, delicious whole chicken,” Tyson said. “Operators can now serve a growing customer favorite without creating a sticky mess in the kitchen or on the plate. »

Next, under the Jimmy Dean brand, Tyson Foodservice introduces Fully Cooked Chicken Breakfast Sausages, a line of chicken breakfast sausages (bottom right) available in links and patties, including options to low sodium content.

According to Datassential’s 2023 New Foundations in Health report, 57% of consumers prefer low-sodium options, Tyson said, adding that a 2022 breakfast study conducted by Cryptographic Service Provider sister research arm Technomic has reported a growing emphasis on nutritious breakfast choices.

These products contain 60 percent less fat than USDA fully cooked pork sausages, Tyson said.

Finally, there is a new addition to the Tyson Red Label product line, bone-in, authentically crispy, fully cooked chicken wing sections (left).

“These bone-in chicken wing sections feature a proprietary breading process that guarantees a super crispy exterior, retaining crunch for up to 30 minutes, even when sauced,” Tyson said.

Wings are available in original or spicy flavors.

Tyson Foods Inc. is one of the world’s largest food companies. Founded in 1935 by John W. Tyson and grown under four generations of family leadership, Tyson has a broad portfolio of products and brands including Tyson, Tyson Red Label, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, AdvancePierre, Wright, Steak-EZE, Original Philly , State Fair, Ball Park and more. Tyson Foodservice continually innovates to help make protein more sustainable and affordable to meet the needs of operators around the world.

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