350 Calorie Breakfast Ideas from Taste.com.au

Start your day with good intentions and eat one of these delicious and healthy breakfast ideas.

From oats to eggs to smoothies, they’re all quick, easy, under 350 calories, and kid-friendly, and many of them can be eaten on-the-go, too.

Poached egg with kale and avocado

This satisfying, low-calorie breakfast will get you through a busy day.

White bean, strawberry and passion fruit pancakes

Want a pancake but don’t want to break your diet? Try these skinny white bean pancakes, topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

These healthy overnight oats are made in a jar to make a perfect breakfast when you’re on the go. Topped with yogurt and berries, everyone in the family will love them.

Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Bowl

Want a healthy meal? Try this Mexican Bean and Sweet Potato Bowl, topped with a fried egg and avocado.

Great smoothie for breakfast

For an on-the-go breakfast, make this delicious 5-minute Super Banana Smoothie.

Spicy Toasted Avocado Muffin with Sliced ​​Ham and Spinach

Enjoy a spicy twist on the classic smashed avocado on toast, with this quick ten-minute breakfast.

Baked eggs with tomatoes and sweet peppers

Serve these healthy baked eggs with whole grain toast to sop up the delicious tomato and bean sauce.

Quinoa salad for breakfast

Kickstart your healthy New Year’s routine with this healthy breakfast wonder.

Bruschetta with crushed chickpeas

Start the day with an easy dose of protein, with this delicious vegetarian breakfast.

Sourdough toast with nut butter, banana and blueberries

Sourdough toast is a quick and filling way to start the day. You will love this combination of cinnamon and fruit!

Chia, almond and mango breakfast bowl

Prepare this simple and healthy breakfast to start the day with peace of mind.

Mango, raspberry, kefir and oat smoothie

Perfect for an easy, on-the-go breakfast, this healthy smoothie will keep you going all morning.

Citrus and Berry Salad with Yogurt and Seeds

Start the day with this healthy breakfast salad, full of fresh ingredients including raspberries, strawberries and orange. It is also gluten-free and low in fat and calories.

Omelette with mushrooms and asparagus

For a quick and easy hot breakfast, try this vegetarian mushroom and asparagus omelet.

Oatmeal Pancakes with Spicy Vanilla Ricotta and Berries

Start the day right with these healthy oatmeal pancakes, served with ricotta, berries and just a drizzle of maple syrup.

Raspberry, Chia and Quinoa Overnight Pots

Start your day with these colorful (and hearty) make-ahead breakfast pots.

Roasted sweet potato, garlic kale, poached egg and almonds

Compete with your favorite coffee shop breakfast with this healthy and hearty dish.

5-minute quinoa birch with seeds, apple and yogurt

For a healthy, low-calorie, gluten-free breakfast, try this delicious 5-minute birch bowl with quinoa, apple and yogurt.

Fried rice for breakfast

Thought fried rice was just a dinner dish? Think again ! This healthy breakfast fried rice is an easy way to introduce more vegetables into your day.

Oatmeal, banana and raspberry pancakes

Made from oatmeal and bananas, these healthy pancakes will have you jumping out of bed!

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