5 tips for maintaining a good work-life balance

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Leaders, remember to take care of yourself before taking care of your work.

As we spend more than a third of our daily time at work, this can take a toll on our personal lives as well as our mental health.

Small business owners are a good example: new research from Capital on Tap found that almost a third (32%) of 250 UK-based small business owners said they had to make uncomfortable decisions and difficult in their personal lives. for the success of their business.

*Although the survey was conducted in the UK and among small business owners, HRO believes the results remain relevant to our readership in Asia.

According to the results, the number one sacrifice for small business owners is having to miss events with friends or family, with 36% of respondents saying they have already had to skip important times.

Check out the top five sacrifices business owners have had to make due to their business commitments below:


Sacrifice made due to commercial commitments

% of small business owners who have experienced this situation


Missed events with friends and family



Working long, unsociable hours



Spending less time with family than I would like



Mental health suffered



Work-life balance has suffered



Sleep schedule suffered



I had to make difficult decisions in my personal life



Financial security sacrificed


Faced with such a busy schedule, two-fifths (39%) of business owners surveyed believe it’s important to take time for self-care every day, and 89% of them include some form of well-being in their daily routine.

The most common self-care activities are:

  • take a shower (99%),
  • healthy eating (93%),
  • take a walk outside (92%),
  • skin care (85%),
  • read a book (66%), and
  • listen to a podcast (66%).

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or just a regular employee, it’s important to take care of yourself and make time for the things you love. David Luck, CEO of Capital on Tap, shares the top five tips to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance:

1. Set your expectations
We only have so many hours in the day and it’s easy to get caught up in thinking we can do more than is physically possible. However, having a daily routine to follow should help you manage your time.

Try to accommodate starting and finishing at a normal time, make sure you take a lunch break, allow for some flexibility, and then figure out what you think you can actually accomplish in a day.

2. Delegate if possible
Try not to fall into the trap of doing everything yourself. If you can delegate certain tasks, whether within your company or outsourced, this will free up your time to focus on other aspects of your life.

3. Protect your free time
Set clear boundaries for yourself and make sure you protect your evenings and weekends whenever possible. The first step is often to turn off devices for a short while and give yourself time to recharge.

4. Don’t give in to social media pressures
Don’t get too caught up in comparing yourself to others. Social media is full of people celebrating wins and successes, and while that’s great, what we tend not to see are the trials and tribulations this business has faced along the way .

5. Stay focused on yourself
Even though there will be many other distractions, try to focus on your own business and your own goals, and remember that success will look different for everyone. A quarter (24%) of business owners believe the protest got them to where they are today. It is therefore also very important to have a clear vision of what you want and the direction you want to take.

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