8 Arrakis-Inspired Recipes to Celebrate the Release of “Dune: Part Two”

The long awaited Dune: part two was released earlier this month. The much-talked-about film, which grossed more than $180 million in its first weekend, has captivated moviegoers around the world, with critics calling the epic sci-fi sequel “huge,” “d ‘impressive’ and ‘absolutely magnificent.’

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The films are based on the books of the same name by Frank Herbert and imagine a universe where different planets struggle for power over a desert planet called Arrakis, its inhabitants (the Fremen) and its abundant supply of the profitable psychedelic drug Melange. (often called “spice”). As you might expect, the desire for wealth and control ultimately leads to war – and that’s what we see unfold in Second part.

If you haven’t yet attended the sequel’s cinematic extravaganza and are planning a sneak peek feast in honor of the occasion, we’ve listed a few different dishes you might want to serve to your fellow human beings . Dune fans below. These are also great choices if you’ve already seen it, but just want to dive back into the fantasy world. Or maybe you’re just a fan of the film’s all-star cast, which includes Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet and Florence Pugh, and are interested in their favorite foods (spoiler: one of them is grilled cheese).

Or maybe you’re just hungry. Whatever your feelings, we’re confident you’ll love the selection we’ve put together. And it’s all vegan, of course.

8 dishes perfect for your Dune: part two celebration party

1 Churros with sugar and cinnamon “with spices”

Melange is the reason for all the events we see in the Dune novels and books, so, of course, we had to start this list with something spice-inspired. In the story, Lady Jessica (the mother of Chalamet’s central character, Paul, played by Rebecca Ferguson), reveals that her first attempt at drugs “tasted like cinnamon,” which is why we chose these delicious vegan churros with sugar and cinnamon. . They are deliciously crispy, golden, sprinkled with sugar and best served with a rich chocolate sauce.
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VegNews.MaqloubaHerbal folk

2 Reverse Middle East

A lot of Dune: part one And Dune: part two were filmed in Jordan’s Wadi Rum, a protected desert area (now likely to become a popular tourist destination). So, in honor of the country that gave us the true Arrakis, we thought it only right to include one of its most beloved dishes, maqluba, on this list. This Middle Eastern dish, which is also eaten in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, consists of vegetables and rice layered in a pot before being turned before serving. Find out its origins and how to make it below.
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Gina Fontana

3 Zendaya’s Favorite Grilled Cheese

Zendaya, who plays Chani, the Fremen warrior, is a big fan of In-N-Out, according to a recent interview with She. But as a vegetarian, she doesn’t like hamburgers. “I always go for my grilled cheese,” she says. “I know people say, ‘Wait, you’re not vegetarian?’ Grilled cheese. They are bombs. Unfortunately, the popular fast food chain doesn’t offer a vegan version of the actress’ favorite, but you can make your own vegan grilled cheese with our recipe below (and with pumpkin, pear, and candied pecans , we think it’s even better). than the In-N-Out version, sorry, Zendaya).
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VegNews.blueshots.oohlalaitsveganOoh La La It’s vegan

4 Water of Life Kamikaze Blueprints

In Dune, The Water of Life must not be wasted. This blue liquid is a concentrated form of spice and can be toxic if used improperly (to find out more, you’ll have to watch movies or read books!). This fun, vibrant and tangy blue shot from Ohh La La It’s Vegan would make the perfect Water of Life shot for anything Dune-party inspired. It’s not toxic, but it is alcoholic, so consume it in moderation.
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5 Vegan bagels in honor of Timothée Chalamet

We don’t know much about Chalamet’s diet, but we do know that like any true New Yorker, he loves bagels. In 2018, he told Frank Ocean in an interview for V Magazine that he always goes to Tompkins Square Bagels in the city for the “best bagels.” If it’s a bit far to stock up, you can find more of our favorite brands below. Eat one for yourself then another for Chalamet, keep going, you deserve it.
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VegNews.DulcePopsSarah Bond

6 Desert Dulce Date Leche Popsicles

Staying cool is essential in the desert, and while Herbert’s version of Arrakis may not be stocked with popsicles, that doesn’t mean your Dune the party cannot imagine this being the case. These delicious leche ice creams are also made with dates, a favorite food in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where much of Dune was also filmed.
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VegNews.veganfullenglish.lowlyfoodModest food

7 Florence Pugh’s Real Full English Breakfast

Pugh does it Dune debuts as Princess Irulan in the second film of the series. Celebrate her role in the franchise by enjoying one of the British actress’ favorite meals: a full English breakfast. In a recent video for Vanity Fair, she told her castmates that her favorite hangover breakfast consists of “sourdough, beans, bacon, fried egg, a little spicy thing on the side.” Some tomatoes, sausages, English sausages, ketchup, HP sauce, runny yolk. Pugh’s version, of course, isn’t vegan, but it’s easy to make a delicious plant-based English breakfast, as this recipe from Lowly Food demonstrates.
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VegNews.RicePuddingMarie Laforêt

8 Fusion Maison Atreides x Fremen: Cinnamon rice pudding

Both Paul and Lady Jessica belong to House Atreides, the ruling house that moved from the planet Caladan to Arrakis to take over spice production. For this reason, we think a fusion of their cuisine with that of the Fremen would be similar to this cinnamon rice pudding. Cinnamon is, of course, the spice, but the rice part is important too: on Caladan, House Atreides grew a type of grain called Pungi rice.
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