A definitive ranking of every medical chief below deck

Over the years, the Under the Mediterranean Bridge the universe has had its share of capricious leaders. But love him or hate him, the chef is an integral part of the yacht’s success. So let’s take a look at all the chefs so far who were the best and didn’t make the cut.

8. Mila Kolomeitseva

Perhaps the worst boss in Below Deck Med history, Mila Kolomeitseva was intolerable. I wanted to support her as the first female chef, but when I saw her making nachos and tacos for guests, I knew we were in trouble. Mila claimed to be a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, but her extensive use of baking soda in a cake told a different story. Things only got worse at the crew’s party, with the taxi ride from hell.

Mila, originally from Siberia and a proud supporter of Vladimir Putin, said: “I don’t want my son to grow up and see two men kissing and think it’s normal because it’s not fucking normal. » The tension became so intense that deckhand Travis Michalzik called Mila an “oxygen thief.”

7. Kiko Lorran

In Season 5, Below Deck Med fans met Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran. The chef’s endearing personality and cosmic charm won the hearts of viewers. Kiko quickly became friends with the crew, which is somewhat unheard of, but he also worked very closely with Captain Sandy Yawn. Naturally, it exceeded customer expectations. But as the season progressed, Kiko’s confidence in cooking waned. Guests unhappy with the rental kept returning his food because it lacked presentation or taste.

Unfortunately, Captain Sandy had no choice but to send Kiko away. Even though he spent the last ten years working in international cuisine, he just wasn’t cut out for yachting.

6. Matthew Shea

Season 6 introduced viewers to Chef Mathew Shea. He was best known for arguing with the crew over anything and everything. Between his disagreements with the stews, the deckhands and Captain Sandy, the workplace has become toxic. However, guests discovered a different side of Mathew through his delicious food. He boasted of working for stars such as Hugh Jackman and Rupert Murdoch, so he knew how to present a beautiful dish. However, Mathew suffered from crippling anxiety, which prevented him from even cooking during the very first rental, often making serving dinner uncomfortable.

5. Tom Checketts

After Kiko was fired midway through season 5, Tom Checketts was brought on board. The man was cocky and it was hard to understand why Malia White was dating him at that time. Fans learned that Tom spent nine years in the yachting industry as a chef. Before that, he worked in some of the most famous restaurants, including Gordon Ramsay’s. Even with such accolades, the weather was crazy on the boat and often led to excessive tantrums. The guests loved his food though, but he could have been nicer to his colleagues.

4. David White

I can’t help it, but David White from season 7 just gave me goosebumps. Even though he was considered a distinguished guest and hired by Captain Sandy for his wedding, his antics in the crew quarters were simply out of this world. While David couldn’t fake his cooking skills, he also didn’t know how to be gracefully rejected. He and Natasha Webb found themselves in a strange dynamic. If David had gotten past his ego, he would have been one of the best chefs, in my opinion, thanks to his love of different cuisines and presentations. But his lack of professionalism marred his appearance on television.

3. Jack Luby

Cooking eggs should be a prerequisite for any yachting chef, but I’ll give Jack Luby a pass. Without a doubt, the Liverpool native is one of the best chefs in the Below Deck Med franchise. Jack never doubted his immense talents and knew what he was capable of. Jack cooked amazing meals and got along well with the crew.

2. Adam Glick

Adam Glick was a fan favorite and worked on two Below Deck franchises. While appearing on season 2 of Below Deck Med, he found himself entangled in a boatman’s triangle between Malia and boatswain Wes Walton. Adam was extremely passionate about his cooking and often delivered incredible meals. Arguably, Adam was one of the best chefs to appear on the small screen.

1. Ben Robinson

What can I say about Ben Robinson, other than he may be my most beloved leader in the franchise? Ben had his own sense of humor that resonated throughout the boat, as well as his quirky laugh. Between his hairstyle and his witty one-liners, he immediately became a fan favorite. Ben’s quirky sense helped develop several memes after him and made him one of the most likable chefs on the show. Ben never faltered in the kitchen, even when he was banging a pan or two. Even under immense pressure, Ben often took control and served mouth-watering dishes.


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