A fantastic Borani Banjan recipe for eggplant fans

I recently realized that a significant portion of my favorite and most-repeated recipes from New York Times Cooking rely on eggplant. There’s Kay Chun’s eggplant dal and eggplant adobo, Alexa Weibel’s eggplant caponata pasta, and this trio of Eric Kim stunners: gochujang-glazed eggplant, eggplant bulgogi, eggplant Parm . These recipes take this very reliable vegetable and add big flavor, with eggplant mainly contributing its silky sweetness – a winning formula any time of year.

But right now, when eggplant is in season, I turn to recipes that let the eggplant shine a little more, especially since the tables at farmers’ markets are filled with taut, bright varietals: eggplant graffiti stripes; Plump, lavender-colored Rosa Bianca eggplant; pretty little fairytale eggplants.

I’m going to pick up an armful of thinner Japanese eggplants for Zainab Shah’s new recipe for banjan borani, or Afghan-style eggplant with yogurt. No soaking or salting of the eggplant is necessary here, just a quick fry of the slices before they are nestled in garlicky yogurt and sprinkled with a quick and spicy tomato sauce, pomegranate seeds and mint . “Come back for a few seconds to a dish that tastes even better when cold,” notes Zainab. Considering the outside temperature, yes please and absolutely.

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Right next to my farmers market is a Middle Eastern store that offers candied lemons, harissa, spices, and more olives than one person needs. The candied lemons and olives will go to Nargisse Benkabbou chicken tagine during the weekand the sweet, citrusy, very slightly bitter black limes I brought home will be the star of this new black lime salmon recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi.

Peaches and tomatoes began to appear in the markets. They haven’t reached their peak yet where I live, but I’ll still take some for the magnificent tomato and peach salad. The accompanying whipped goat cheese – that is, goat cheese (or feta) swirled with heavy cream and lemon zest in a food processor until it forms a cloud — is such a treat, and I can push any not-quite-climactic fruit with a little honey, as suggested by reader Ashley.

I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for any cooking newsletter not to include a zucchini recipe during the months of June, July, and August. So here is Kay Chun’s Roasted Zucchini Pasta Salad, which uses two whole pounds of zucchini. I love the added golden raisins, which bring hints of tart sweetness to the caponata.

I returned from the market with my glorious reward, that is: snack time. One of my tomatoes will go in braai bun (grilled cheese and chutney sandwiches), a Jan Braai recipe adapted by Sheela Prakash. Sweet fruit chutney, sliced ​​onion, sharp cheddar and tomato between toasted and buttered bread? Do.

And for tonight’s dessert: the hearty, beautiful Stacked Summer Berry Shortcake. It’s basically an oversized berry shortcake, which happens to be the exact size I want all of my berry shortcakes to be.

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