A GI Doc Shares the Gut-Friendly Breakfast She Eats Every Day

There are two types of breakfast eaters: those who like variation (they sip a smoothie one morning and dig into a bowl of chia pudding the next) and others who prefer routine, gravitating toward breakfast. same meal over and over again.

A recent TikTok that racked up 15,000 views shows this latter point in action. Wendi LeBrett, MD, a gastroenterology specialist based in California, shares her favorite easy breakfast: a bowl of plain Greek yogurt topped with berries and nuts, which she eats almost every day. So what’s so special about this combo? SELF connected with Dr. LeBrett to find out why it’s his daily go-to, both to support his gut health And for streamlining his busy morning schedule.

“I find joy in this breakfast routine because it’s just as delicious as it is nourishing,” Dr. LeBrett tells SELF. First, let’s note the benefit of simplicity: Dr. LeBrett has limited time in the morning, so having a reliable recipe on standby, which requires no cooking, helps him start the day with tasty foods that keep his hunger at bay. . To make your meal, all you need is a few scoops of Greek yogurt, a handful of berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or whatever you like), and a few nuts.

This three-ingredient recipe offers solid nutritional benefits, especially for your digestive system. Fermented foods like high-protein Greek yogurt help support your gastrointestinal tract because they’re rich in probiotics, says Dr. LeBrett. These “good” bacteria help keep your immune system healthy and thwart the growth of less fun microbes in your gut, which can contribute to bloating, diarrhea, or stomach pain, Jessie Wong, RDN, registered dietitian professional specializing in digestive health, he previously told SELF. And berries are a great source of fiber, says Dr. LeBrett. Fiber, a complex carbohydrate that most people don’t get enough of, contributes to that “full” feeling and helps keep your bowel movements regular. (It may even relieve some symptoms, like diarrhea, in some people with gastrointestinal illnesses like IBS.) Finally, the protein and fats in nuts also help keep you full, because your body doesn’t process these macronutrients. as quickly as carbohydrates. So you’ll likely feel satisfied until snack or lunch time, she says.

Still, some people might get tired of the same breakfast every day. If you like having lots of options, get creative and mix up the basic ingredients, says Dr. LeBrett. For example, you can replace plain Greek yogurt with a strawberry flavor, or even another creamy, protein-rich base like cottage cheese (some jars even contain probiotics – just look for “live active cultures” on the label ). For add-ins, replace berries with other fiber-rich fruits, like diced pears or sliced ​​apples. And if you need some extra sweetness in your bowl, give it a drizzle of agave or honey. Finally, for a crunchy texture, you can swap the nuts for almonds or peanuts.

Of course, what you eat for breakfast is only part of keeping your digestive system happy. But if it starts your day off right and helps you get out the door faster, why not try this simple meal? Your instincts might thank you!


Originally published on SELF

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