A Grill Jacket Can Help Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen at Temperature

It’s hard enough to maintain your grill’s temperature during the warmer seasons. But when temperatures drop in the atmosphere, the challenge intensifies, and that’s what you need to consider before grilling your steak in cold weather. By using a grill jacket, you can put those worries to rest no matter what wind is blowing your way: rain or snow. A grill jacket is an insulator that mitigates the effects of cold on your food while cooking. It can be made with a combination of silicone, fiberglass and aluminum to withstand extremely high temperatures while effectively trapping heat within the grill.

Fiberglass alone is an insulator known for keeping rooms warm by containing heat inside, and this same mechanism is transferred to the interior of the grill so your food cooks at consistent temperatures without fail. Whether it’s rain or shine, you’re guaranteed consistent cooking temperatures that outperform grilling on a sunny day without the grill jacket. Although it shares a name with insulated stainless steel grill jackets designed to protect the combustibles in your outdoor kitchen, a grill jacket is more like a thermal blanket or grill cover designed to protect your grill bad weather. However, you can just as easily prepare it during warm seasons and achieve consistent grilling temperatures.

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A grill jacket saves fuel, money and cooking time

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In addition to consistent cooking temperatures, a grill jacket helps you use less fuel to maintain your grill’s fire. For some, this is the main reason to buy a grill jacket. The abrasive nature of cold weather and wind turns off heat, including that in your grill cavity, and you’ll need to add more pellets just to burn more heat and continually keep the grill at temperature. Eventually, you will need more money to provide the fuel needed to run a grill during the winter.

However, with a jacket slipped over the grill and keeping the temperature stable, you won’t have to keep stacking pellets. The grill jacket reduces the temperature difference between the surrounding atmosphere and your grill so you don’t have to consume large amounts of fuel. This saves you a lot of hard-earned money and instead of putting your grill away for the winter, you can operate it like it’s just another sunny day.

Since the lower temperatures work against your grill cavity, reaching higher grilling temperatures and preparing your food will also take longer. By quickly raising the internal temperature while preventing air from escaping, a grill shroud can reduce cooking time by at least 20%. As an added bonus, the consistent cooking temperatures provided by a grill envelope ensure your food cooks evenly, so in no time you’ll have an impressive sear on your grilled flank steak.

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