A vegan curry with complex flavors (but suitable for weeknights)

One of the best perks of being editor of the New York Times Cooking newsletter is being able to dig through our extensive recipe archives. I’m reuniting with fan favorites that are new to me (nice to meet you, Pierre Franey’s turkey chili), I’m reuniting with familiar friends (always a treat, pasta with kale), and I’m meeting my own needs culinary (birch muesli, you prepared a breakfast for me).

And I have a lot of “where have you been all my life” moments, most recently with this Cauliflower, Cashew, Pea and Coconut Curry, a Meera Sodha recipe adapted by Jennifer Steinhauer. It’s exactly what I want to eat right now: tender seasonal cauliflower and plump, buttery cashews spiced with garam masala, coriander, cumin and chili. Frozen peas – the undisputed MVP of the freezer – add pops of sweetness and color. This curry comes out of the archives and enters my recipe box.

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While you’re searching through your spice drawer, check your paprika for Melissa Clark’s Sheet Pan Paprika Chicken with Tomatoes and Parmesan. “The fresher the spices, the more intensely flavorful the dish,” Melissa notes, but roasted cherry tomatoes and red peppers act as slightly acidic insurance if your paprika isn’t very hot.

Getting back to freezer staples, I always keep an eye out for recipes for white fish fillets piled in my freezer alongside pea and rice cakes. I’m intrigued by this fish Milanese from Kay Chun, especially for its lemony pan-fried sauce with capers and brown butter. Many reader comments mention using panko in place of breadcrumbs for added crunch, which is a great idea. (The only thing more fun than scrolling through NYT Cooking recipes is scrolling through NYT Cooking recipe comments.)

Where I live, a false spring is a false spring, and, as glorious as that sun is, I don’t trust it. I keep the winter boots and the stockpot away, using the latter for Yasmin Fahr’s mega-umami miso-mushroom barley soup and Melissa’s sweet potato and tofu stew, a vegetarian recipe hearty with the flavors of Japanese nimono.

I’ll end with this six-ingredient yogurt cake from Claudia Roden and one of her particularly delicious reader comments: “Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I am a 98 year old woman and this is driving my great grandchildren crazy. THEY LOVE IT. Thanks again, Betsy Sue.

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