After ‘John Oliver Cake Bears,’ Upstate New York Bakery Has Another Surprise for ‘Last Week Tonight’ Host

A Kingston, N.Y., bakery that hoped to win new baking equipment by making “John Oliver Cake Bears” had one more surprise for the host on the latest episode of his show “Last Week Tonight” Sunday evening on HBO.

Deising’s Bakery and Restaurant — which has sold thousands of cake bears in recent days, with proceeds going to a local food pantry — has created an extra-large “cake bear” featuring Oliver, up ‘to the glasses and the tie.

Oliver brought out the cake at the end of Sunday’s show and was downright giddy with it.

“I’m touched, shocked and, as this cake suggests, slightly terrified,” Oliver said. “But I’m also impressed because Deising, you clearly heard my challenge and sent us something that looks like me and the version of Arthur the Aardvark who went through 14 divorces.”

The whole saga began a few weeks ago when “Last Week Tonight” purchased the contents of a recently closed Red Lobster in Kingston at auction. Oliver used the equipment to recreate the restaurant in the show’s studio, serving the channel’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits to the audience at the end of the episode.

The end of this show was not the end of the story, however. Deising’s owner, Eric Deising, stuck a note on the door of the closed restaurant, asking if he could purchase some of the cooking equipment to use in his own establishment. That note went to Oliver, who responded to Deising on the following week’s show.

“I have good news and bad news for you,” he said on air in Deising. “The bad news is that we have already donated the Red Lobster cooking equipment. And even if it didn’t, it didn’t have the 36-inch flat top oven/grill or kitchen convection oven you were looking for. The good news is that we are willing to purchase these items for you on one condition. All I want in return is a pastry with my face on it for sale at your bakery, specifically a bear cake with my face on it. I want to be a cake bear.

Deising took on the challenge, and within days, John Oliver’s “cake bears” were the most popular baked goods in upstate New York. Deising’s sold thousands of bears at $8 each and donated the proceeds to People’s Place Food Pantry in Kingston.

HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver struck a deal with Deising’s Bakery & Restaurant in Ulster County: He would bake them a cake in his likeness and buy them new restaurant equipment and The local establishment would rise to the occasion. Deising Bakery | Photo providedDeising Bakery | Photo provided

This boon for People’s Place just got bigger. On Sunday’s edition of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver announced that the show would also donate $10,000 to the food pantry.

And as promised, the show delivered the new kitchen equipment to Deising last week.

Oliver ended the saga in a fitting way – with a mouthful of cake.

“Thank you to everyone who purchased the bears,” Oliver said. “I can really only think of one way to end this, and that is to eat this bear, who I love so much, in the only universally acceptable way – and that is by biting off his sumptuous ass. “

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