Airline Puts ‘Imported Dog Food’ on Menu, Leaving Passengers Confused… But That’s Not the Only Thing That’s Disgusting People

Airline passengers were left baffled when they were offered “imported dog food” on the flight menu.

A photo taken by a traveler shows that the business class menu also includes shark fin as well as more standard beef and shrimp.


Facebook post showed ‘imported dog food’ on business class menuCredit: Facebook/Conrad Wu
The offer on board a China Eastern Airlines plane was probably mistranslated.


The offer on board a China Eastern Airlines plane was probably mistranslated.Credit: Getty

Airplane food doesn’t have the best reputation, but business class is generally expected to serve more appetizing dishes.

But when dog food appeared on the menu alongside “smoked pepper beef” and seafood, passengers were perplexed.

The menu was posted on Facebook by Conrad Ru, who was traveling business class with China Eastern Airlines.

He asked, “What exactly is it?”

The post quickly went viral and was shared on Reddit where some people pointed out that it was likely a “translation gone wrong.”

Some users online found the error amusing and added their own guesses about what it could mean.

Edward Poon asked if this meant the airline was “pet friendly”, while another joked it was because “they treat you like a dog, not a human”.

One person pointed out the word “imported” saying: “Apparently economy class passengers only get pet dog food.” »

Another said: “Dog food can be canned and is safe to eat.

“If it is imported, it may have high safety standards.

“Standards that go all the way.”

Another user joked: “If it’s business class, I expect my imported dog food to be 96% organic air-dried beef.” »

But other reviewers pointed out the rest of the menu items seemed unappealing.

One Reddit user said: “Disgusting, I’m even more concerned that they still serve shark fin soup these days. »

Another said: “Vanilla shrimp is what disgusts me the most. »

But one fan came to China Eastern’s defense, recalling his personal experience flying with the airline.

He said: “I love this airline.

“I’ve only flown once, but it was a long flight and I changed planes twice (same airline) and the flight crew was so great !!

“Incredibly friendly and helpful.

“Maybe because I was the only non-Chinese person on the plane?

“The food was really delicious too.

“It’s sad to see them making such mistakes when they have plenty of experts in China who could proofread things for them.”

It’s still unclear what the poorly translated dish on the menu was referring to.

But the Sun has contacted China Eastern Airlines for clarification.

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