‘At this point, I give up’: Nigerian mother laments that her child refuses baby food and prefers to swallow

  • A Nigerian woman complained on social media about her toddler’s surprising food preferences.
  • According to her, she recorded many videos about baby food with the intention of introducing them to the child.
  • A video of her baby enjoying a solid food of swallow and soup sparked massive reactions on social media.

Amaka, a Nigerian mother, lamented her baby’s preference for solid foods, contrary to what she had in mind.

In a viral TikTok clip that has garnered over two million views, Amaka showcased her beautiful baby as she fed him a solid meal.

Amaka noticed that her baby preferred to swallow. Photo credit: @vibe_with_amaka
Source: TikTok

The woman lamented that she recorded numerous baby food videos to showcase the child’s meal, but he seemed to have other plans.

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In the clip, Amaka’s child smiled sweetly as he rushed towards the solid food she gave him. Sharing the clip on TikTok, Amaka wrote:

“At this point, I give up.”

Watch the video below:

Mothers share their thoughts on Amaka’s baby’s food choices

user6701272384044 said:

“Exactly my 6 month old baby. He eats everything I eat but he sets the limit in his own food.”

Hayzad said:

“My daughter started eating swallowtail at 2 months. I was shocked that she refused all food and cereals.”

mod_style said:

“Hmmmm, I will continue to tell our great grandmother and great grandfather that they are now sending oooo.”

Bridget Dominique said:

”Hunger does not melt this one before it arrives, so no weapon of liquid food formed against me will prosper.”

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000Benny_Benny said:

“Did you ask him before you bought it? No, you buy it and I don’t send it to you.”

mails4mena said:

“Understand baby says mommy stop wasting money, give me a better swallow.”

Tiisetso Wagner said:

“I’m South African and I have a Nigerian baby, he refuses all SA’n food and only eats Nigerian food. I’m sure he came back like his grandfather.”

A newborn rejects porridge and milk

In another related report, a newborn baby rejected porridge and milk, preferring fufu.

Her mother explained in a video that the little girl doesn’t eat like all other babies who like baby food.

She said her daughter preferred to be fed fufu and well-prepared soup like an adult. People who watched the video of the child eating were surprised by his familiarity with fufu and soup.

Cute baby eats swallow like an adult

In the meantime, Legitime.ng previously reported that a little girl was recorded eating a swallow like an adult.

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In a TikTok video, he was served a big piece of local food with a nice soup full of meat and fish.

She became happy and ate the fufu happily, unlike some children who would like to eat only baby food. She swallowed piece after piece while an adult fed her. There was no let up in swallowing until she paused to drink water.

Source: Legit.ng

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