Beach Barracuda’s Grill closes in Virginia Beach

Phyllis “Teet” Waddell has experienced the ups and downs that come with owning a restaurant.

She made the difficult decision to close Beach Barracuda’s Grill near the Dam Neck area of ​​Virginia Beach on May 24.

“Our closure affected so many people: my staff, the groups and the vendors,” she said. “It’s a big pyramid of people that this trickles down to.”

The family restaurant was formerly the home of Big Woody’s Bar & Grill that Waddell’s husband, Steve Beckwith, and a partner owned along with two other locations. When they decided to sell the location at 1479 General Booth Blvd. after six years, Waddell stepped in to make it her own in October 2022.

Waddell’s daughter, Keelee Cotterell, helped her mother run it, and Beach Barracuda’s Grill quickly became a popular spot.

Waddell said they did some painting and redecorating, but only closed for four days between new ownership and the rebranding. The approximately 15 to 20 employees have become like family.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, the restaurant featured live local bands. There were also quiz nights, open mic and karaoke.

“We found our own niche and it became a really cool place with a laid-back vibe,” she said. “I was really proud of what we had become over the last two years.”

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