Behind the scenes: Watch how Paneer cheese samosas are made in Gujarat

Samosas, those beloved fried treats that hold a precious place in every Indian’s heart, have never failed to delight our taste buds. With their crisp all-purpose flour exterior and a spicy potato filling inside, they’ve long been the go-to snack paired with vibrant green and red chutneys. Yet there are those who are bold enough to break the traditional mold, offering delicious samosa variations like moong dal samosa, noodle samosa, and mushroom samosa. And now, adding a new twist to this iconic snack, we present to you the Paneer Cheese Samosa.

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This mouth-watering treat hails from Gujarat and is featured in a captivating video shared by food blogger Amar Sirohi, also known as ‘foodie_incarnate’ on YouTube.

Gujarat, renowned as a foodie’s paradise, has been the backdrop for many of Amar Sirohi’s recent culinary escapades. Once again, he managed to lure us into Gujarat’s vibrant food scene with this unique samosa video. Although it is named ‘Paneer Cheese Samosa’, locals affectionately call it ‘Gujarati Patti Samosa’. Unlike the traditional potato filling, this innovative version features a stuffing of paneer, cheese, corn and pepper, generously seasoned with a blend of spices.

In just three days, this video has garnered over 100k views and 2.6k likes, proving its irresistible appeal.

The video takes you behind the scenes of the samosa making process. It all starts with the careful preparation of the ingredients: the paneer is cut into blocks and washed, while the pepper and corn are finely chopped. To prevent the samosas from bursting during frying, the vegetables are passed one by one through a grating machine. A tangy mixture of red chilli, coriander powder, homemade masala and salt is created to season the vegetables. The seasoned vegetables are then transferred to another machine, where small balls are formed and carefully enclosed in samosa strips, ensuring a perfect seal. The result? Square shaped samosas fried to perfection.

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The final product is a mouth-watering delight that is sure to leave you wanting more. Watch the full video of this unique Gujarati Paneer Cheese Samosa experience here:

After enjoying this culinary journey, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments. Will you call it the “Gujarati Samosa” or maybe “Pizza Mini Samosa”? The choice is yours!

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