Beyond coffee: players bet on the diverse caffeine market

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Sao Paulo – Coffee simply as a hot drink is no longer a limitation for industry players from different countries. They think Brazil needs to diversify its market and see the potential for other products that use coffee or caffeine as a differential. The discussions took place this Friday (26) during the Coffee Dinner & Summit in São Paulo, organized by the Brazilian Council of Coffee Exporters (Cecafé).

“The coffee market is overwhelmed. Now we have to look at the caffeine market. This includes energy drinks and even beauty products,” said Rodrigo Mattos, senior analyst at market intelligence firm Euromonitor.

Leader Cyrille Janet of SCTA believes that to stay on top, companies need to modernize. “Consumers are looking for different formats. During the pandemic, shopping has shifted to web, takeout or even in-office consumption. Malls were also internet, take-out and business. Brands have grown driven by innovation, renewal,” he said.

Janet shared data describing 88% of US coffee consumption in households. In this reality, the consumption of single servings has increased during the pandemic, surpassing the consumption of traditional methods.

For those who still want to invest in coffee as a drink, Albert Scalla of Stonex said they need to focus on promoting consumption to avoid being left behind. “Those who buy roasted coffee are not selling bags, but cups. So we’re seeing more and more companies pushing the (end) price (of the cup) up. Meanwhile, direct competitors have developed, such as energy or caffeinated drinks,” Scalla pointed out.


To position Brazil in this scenario, Pavel Cardoso, president of the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC), believes it is up to the domestic industry to invest in marketing. Thus, consumer countries could consider the Brazilian product as much more than a commodity. “The challenge remains precisely the export of roasted and ground coffee. A formidable challenge, but an excellent opportunity to prepare our industrialists and Brazilian marketing,” he said.

For him, Brazil must transform the image of its coffee outside the country. “We are not only the biggest producer, but we surely produce the best coffees in the world”, he underlined.

Pavel also recalled that in the domestic market, “portioned coffees” have increased, driven by the habit of responsible consumption, since they waste less when consumed in a single dose.

For Mattos, who addressed the markets of Asian countries, traditionally large tea consumers, it is time to look at other products than filtered coffee. Now we have to look at the caffeine market. Japan is way ahead of ready-to-drink beverages. But there is also coffee as an ingredient. In things like whey protein, collagen, cold drinks, such as energy drinks, and even beauty products, due to their antioxidant properties, could possibly be the future of caffeine,” a- he concluded.

Translated by Elúsio Brasileiro

Thai Sousa/ANBA

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