BIZTODAY Congress on Chinese-Asian Nutrition |

Exhibitors at the Asian Nutrition Congress are looking to meet the growing demand for health products in China. 【Voice_over】 The Asian Nutrition Congress is a four-yearly gathering of leading researchers and companies in the nutrition industry in Asia. This year, mothers and infants are high on the agenda, a group believed to need special nutrition. This group supports a 300 billion yuan supplement market and a 90 billion yuan infant formula market in China, according to Frost Sullivan data. Both markets are currently experiencing double-digit annual growth in the country. Yang Nianhong of the Chinese Nutrition Society says breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies, especially in the first six months after birth. But for various reasons, some mothers cannot or do not want to breastfeed. Infant formula can be a helpful solution. 【Sound_bite】 Yang Nianhong, Deputy Director of Maternal and Child Nutrition Division, Chinese Nutrition Society: “Clinical research is trying to make infant formula more and more similar to human breast milk. As our understanding of the nutrients in breast milk deepens, our expectations of infant formula continue to grow. Now, infant formula not only focuses on nutrition, but also aims to incorporate bioactive substances that strengthen babies’ immune systems. 【Voice_over】 Infant formula companies launch new products meeting China’s new national standards that combine LPN, HMO, SN-2 PLUS and LF+Probiotics. These nutrients are thought to be essential for the development of babies’ immune systems, cognitive and muscular functions. 【Sound_bite】 Hanno Cappon, Chief Technology Officer, H&H Group: “There are a number of trends, first of all it’s lifespan, it’s not just about being pregnant, d “giving birth and feeding your child is really the length of the whole pregnancy. , being healthy when you are trying to conceive a baby as a couple. Then a healthy pregnancy, of course a healthy childhood, but also help child development at school and when children go to college.” 【Voice_over】 Another trend is the growing demand. supplements to strengthen the immune system of people of all ages. 【Sound_bite】 Hanno Cappon, Chief Technology Officer, H&H Group: “Immune protection has always been an important protection against disease. But of course, because of COVID and the pandemic, people are more aware of the immune system and protection against external diseases. virus.”

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