Bread and cheese (and smoothies) and breakfast burritos

A sourdough cheddar and pepper jack grilled cheese with roasted red peppers and arugula

A sourdough cheddar and pepper jack grilled cheese with roasted red peppers and arugula

A good number of restaurants – most of them – change their menu when breakfast time gives way to lunch time. But I don’t remember doing it with such a playful twist as the multi-pronged display now called Bread & Cheese Eatery. And And breakfast burritos.


Bread and cheese restaurant and breakfast burritos

1904 S Coast Hwy, UNIT 101, Oceanside

As advertised: When you show up at 10 a.m., you’ll see a menu board mounted above the order counter, focused on breakfast burritos. Show up at lunchtime and the same menu board now offers variations on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. It’s if you’re there at 11:30 p.m., when the flour tortillas are replaced by sourdough bread, that you might see a demonstration of the clever trick the owners have installed, which allows them to slide the menu panel outwards, and flip it around its axis to formalize the daily change.

Breakfast burritos in the morning, grilled cheese from lunch

As a brand, Bread & Cheese is celebrating seven years in business this month. Simply put, it’s been seven years since childhood friends Devin Gneiting and Justin Frank started the grilled cheese concept as a farmers’ market stand, and later became concessionaires at a brewery, taproom and restaurant. theater. But as a South Oceanside restaurant, the place is just getting started. Despite a tiny footprint of only a few hundred square feet, the store now technically houses three distinct concepts.

And the breakfast burritos served hot and cold nitro coffee as well as nine burritos built around the same base of eggs, cheese and garlic tater tots. Pineapple Crush serves just one tropical smoothie recipe. And Bread & Cheese Eatery serves what a personalized cartoon series claims is: “The Best Grilled Cheese in the World.”

A frame of a grilled cheese cartoon inspired by “Road Runner”

The cartoons are quite convincing. Gneiting and Frank commissioned several well-made animated shorts, all of which feature bread-and-cheese characters interpreting familiar cardboard tropes, each in a distinctive style. An anime sequence sees the pair come together as a grilled cheese mega-robot to do battle with a giant hungry zombie; while a Claymation pastiche depicts them becoming forever friends in a preschool setting. My favorite sets up a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyoted style chase sequence. It’s quite fun to watch the footage while you wait for your order, but you’ll find all the cartoons on the Bread & Cheese YouTube channel if you want to watch them again.

As for the grilled cheeses themselves, I don’t intend to die on that “World’s Best” hill, but they’re pretty good, starting with the “Classic” Cheddar and Provolone ($9.50 ). Golden, crunchy and cheesy, the grilled cheese concept quickly gives way to melts: think turkey and sun-dried tomato ($13.50), salami and jalapeño relish ($12), and a melt Reuben-inspired with pastrami and sauerkraut ($13.50). And I have to commend these guys for including a better-than-you-imagined vegan grilled cheese ($13). It doesn’t quite offer the deep umami of real cheese, but it might be the world’s best imitation of a grilled cheese.

A vegan grilled cheese sandwich

What I particularly like about Bread & Cheese, etc. is that although these guys clearly take their work seriously, they have injected a lot of fun into their work. Take the And Breakfast Burritos concept: Breakfast burritos are definitely a fun option for surfers heading in and out of South Oceanside in search of swell, or even commuters heading south. But the breakfast burritos ($9-16) are hardly ordinary, as the tater tots are conscientiously cooked with the eggs to prevent one from dominating the other. Then they’re stuffed with many of the same elements as grilled cheeses (think pastrami, salami, and turkey, plus the usual bacon or sausage).

A pineapple smoothie, served in a pineapple

Perhaps the most fun, though, is the Pineapple Crush Smoothie, pineapple mixed with mango, banana, orange juice, coconut cream and honey. Instead of fruit options, you can choose a $9 smoothie served in a cup, or a $12 smoothie, served in a hollowed-out pineapple. Call it yet another ingenious little detail that helps three extremely simple businesses punch above their weight in South Oceanside.

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