Bread + Dip = Heaven! Try This Viral 5-Minute Olive Oil Dip

When your stomach is growling and you need a quick fix to please your tummy as well as your taste buds, a simple bread and dip combination works. But a simple yogurt or tomato dip won’t go well with plain bread. You need a dip that will transform your plain bread into a sensational treat. Are you ready to take your bread dipping game to the next level? We’re about to reveal a dip recipe that’s been making waves in the culinary world: the Viral Olive Oil Dip or the Viral Bread Oil Dip. With a blend of fresh herbs, zesty balsamic vinegar, and a touch of Mediterranean flavor, this dip is a game-changer for your bread and dip meal. Get ready to savor every dip and dunk as we explore the simple preparation process.
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Why did this drop go viral?

Originally curated by food writer and chef Alison Roman, the dip has captured the internet’s imagination, deeming it the perfect party snack. Many other chefs and vloggers have tried the recipe and even created their own versions, each more tempting than the last. The best part? This can be done in just 5 minutes! And you don’t even need any special bread, crackers or chips to go with it. Even a simple slice of bread laid out at home will taste amazing when slathered with this flavorful dip.

Here are more reasons to take a viral olive oil dip:

  • The freshness of basil and parsley, the tang of balsamic vinegar, the richness of olive oil and the heat of chili flakes – it’s an explosion of flavor in every bite.
  • Not only is it perfect for dipping bread, but you can also use it as a marinade for grilled vegetables, a dressing for salads, or a topping for bruschetta.
  • You don’t need a long list of ingredients; just a handful of simple, fresh, and readily available items.
  • You only need five minutes to prepare the dish.

We found a great version of this dip on Instagram, shared by blogger Gina Burgess. The recipe video has garnered over 3 million views on the platform, with many praising the recipe and promising to try it soon. Want to know the recipe? Here is…

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How to Make a Viral Olive Oil Dip Recipe | Viral Bread Soaking Oil Recipe:

All you have to do is mix olive oil (make sure to use extra virgin olive oil), balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, fresh parsley, sun-dried tomatoes sun and crushed garlic. Season it with salt, chili flakes and red pepper flakes. Mix well, and that’s it!

*Pro Tip*: Let your dip sit for about 15 minutes. This allows the flavors to meld and intensify, creating a truly irresistible dip.

Slice your favorite bread, whether it’s regular white or brown bread, a crusty baguette, rustic Italian bread or warm pita bread. Dip a piece into your viral olive oil dip and enjoy this mouth-watering snack.

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