Broken Arrow Restaurants to Try from Our Reviews

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Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza at Old World Pizza is one of the few pies available only in the large 16-inch style.

Stephen Pingry, Tulsa World

old world pizza

732 W. New Orleans St., Broken Arrow, 539-367-2563,

The pizza is naturally the star attraction. The pies come in 10-inch and 16-inch sizes, with prices ranging from $9 for a 10-inch cheese pizza to $27 for a 16-inch Ultimate Meat Lovers, which is topped with beef, pepperoni, salami , pork sausage and Canadian bacon, with two kinds of cheese.

Old World Pizza bakes its pies in a brick oven made in Italy; with temperatures hovering around 650 degrees, the oven can cook a pizza in about four minutes. The result is a crust that has a crispy bottom with just the right amount of char marks, an edge that’s dotted with puffy blisters that turn golden brown, a great chew, and a robust flavor.

Old World Pizza keeps it simple, fresh and tasty |  Review

This episode takes you behind the scenes of restaurant reviews. How are dishes chosen for photos and reviews? Is James announcing himself as a critic? Are there any bad experiences?

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Capriotti Sandwich Shop

The classic cheesesteak at Capriotti’s sandwich shop.

Tulsa World File Photo

Capriotti Sandwich Shop

8115 S. Olympia Ave., 918-576-7007; 915 E. Kenosha Ave., Broken Arrow, 918-893-3826,

You can celebrate Thanksgiving any day of the week at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, as long as you ask for Bobbie.

“The Bobbie” consists of roast turkey – a mix of light and dark meats – a chunky cranberry relish and a layer of sage stuffing that, truth be told, is reminiscent of something that might have started on a “stovetop”, but enhanced with a few extra ingredients. A spread of mayonnaise adds a touch of creaminess.

Review: Sandwich fans thank Capriotti's

McKinney Modern Dining Room

McKinney’s Modern Dining’s version of shrimp and grits includes gulf shrimp sautéed with tomatoes, garlic, white wine, butter and chives over creamy bacon grits, with a side of sautéed green beans with garlic.

Stephen Pingry, Tulsa World

McKinney Modern Dining Room

305 N. Main St., Broken Arrow, 918-286-6770,

McKinney’s Modern Dining recently opened on the ground floor of the new Brio apartment complex in downtown Broken Arrow. The restaurant shares space with Toast, the breakfast-brunch restaurant that McKinney bought from original owner Ben Buie in 2017.

The dinner menu during our visit included half a dozen pasta dishes, a trio of steaks, plus staples like airy chicken breast, pork chops and seared salmon, plus a collection starters, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Review: Comfort food is high at McKinney's Modern Dining

Rustic chophouse (copy)

RC Homemade Striploin Steak at Rustic Chophouse in Broken Arrow.

Tulsa World File Photo

rustic chop house

210 S. Main St., broken spire; 918-355-0814;

If the kitchen can produce a decent pork chop, one can be sure these people know how to cook.

What arrived on the table was a double-bone chop, a good 2½ to 3 inches thick, glistening with an apricot marmalade that had caramelized while the chop was on the grill. In addition to the expected grill hash marks, its surface bore a large “RC” that had been applied as a mark.

And it was more than decent. This is easily one of the best pork chops – pork anything, to be honest – that I’ve had the pleasure of eating.

Review: Broken Arrow's Rustic Chophouse offers delicious food in an intimate setting

NATV Restaurant Review (copy)

Some of the most popular dishes at NATV include (clockwise from top left) Pan-Seared Trout in Wild Onion Chimichurri Sauce, Pork Belly Succotash, Cheesecake with sweet corn, the stew of the three sisters, the grape dumplings and the forest salad.

Tulsa World File Photo


1611 S. Main St., broken spire; 918-940-7296;

I was able to taste the trout during the photo shoot; it is a dish that will certainly be worth the detour. The flesh was tender and well seasoned, the skin was a little crispy, and the wild onion chimichurri sauce that coated it was bursting with herbal deliciousness.

Bison is a notoriously lean meat, and the majority of times I’ve had it, it’s been painfully dry. But at Jacque Siegfried, chef and owner of NATV in Broken Arrow, the preparation here resulted in a moist and extremely flavorful dish that the fruity sauce complemented well. We encountered a small piece of bone in the slice that was served to us.

NATV brings a gourmet twist to Indigenous cuisine

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