Buy a new coffee machine and 150 capsules for just £59: ‘Absolutely brilliant deal’

Improve your mornings with this coffee machine set. (L’OR Espresso / Yahoo Life UK)

If you’re someone who can’t function without your morning coffee and loves a caffeinated afternoon pick-me-up, then you’ve come to the right place – because we just came across a deal that’s too good to miss.

This top-rated coffee machine from L’OR Espresso: the L’OR Barista Sublime, is priced from £164.88 to £59. That’s an impressive saving of £105! And did we mention it comes in a pack of 150 coffee capsules?

With over 500 glowing reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 stars, it has been described by shoppers as “great value” and an “amazing coffee machine.”

Why we rate it

For starters, it features a compact design, perfect if you’re short on kitchen counter space.

It can brew two coffees simultaneously (yes, really) and works at the touch of a single button.

You can choose from a range of 27 different coffee capsules, from espresso to lung to ristretto, and opt for single or double shots.

If that wasn’t enough, the machine itself is compatible with Nespresso and Lavazza coffee pods, meaning you’ll never run out of choices.

Plus, it features 19 bars of pressure to deliver a perfect espresso every time. And is even available in a choice of three matte colors: Piano Noir (Black), Sunset Rubis (Red) and Satin Blanc (White).

L'OR Barista Sublime black coffee machine on a marble worktop next to two coffee pods and a plate of chocolate.

Making coffee at home is child’s play with this machine. (L’OR Espresso)

L'OR Barista Sublime coffee machine in red on a marble counter in front of two floral wall art pieces.

It features a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly into any kitchen. (L’OR Espresso)

L'OR Barista Sublime coffee machine in white on a marble counter in front of the kitchen window.

The L’OR Barista Sublime can brew two cups of coffee at once. (L’OR Espresso)

£59 £164.88 at L’OR Espresso

To use the L’OR Barista Sublime, it’s as simple as lifting the lever, inserting your coffee capsule, selecting your desired drink size and letting the machine work its magic.

The coffee machine then identifies the size of the capsules used to ensure the correct dosage of water to serve you an optimal cup of coffee.

And to top it all off, this pack comes with a variety of 150 single and double coffee capsules. To put things into perspective, when purchased separately, the coffee machine costs £104.99, while the pods will set you back between £3 and £5 for just 10 capsules.

What the critics say

With hundreds of five-star reviews, it’s safe to say buyers are impressed. One shopper even said they “can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning” thanks to the coffee machine, while many also say it’s very “simple to use.”

  • “Amazing value for money at 37p each for the premium pod selection (you actually get 159 pods as an extra 9 are included with the machine), and you get the machine too! L’OR coffee is delicious, (and ) the machine works perfectly I like the flexibility of using small or large capsules.”

  • “Use every day, at least twice. Can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning for such delicious coffee! I have recommended this product to friends and family.”

  • “I love my machine, I bought it to replace a well known brand and wish I had done it sooner. It is compact and so quiet. Your coffees are also so tasty, with no bitter aftertaste. If you consider getting one of these machines, do it, I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

  • “Great coffee machine and I really enjoy all the pods that come in the package. I love that there are so many options when it comes to coffee capsules you can use Nespresso, Starbucks and the company’s own brands supermarket as well as L’OR. I couldn’t it’s to blame.”

  • “I can’t believe what a fabulously true cup of coffee this machine delivers. Simply fabulous!”

Buy now: L’OR Barista Sublime Bundle – Piano Black | £59 (was £164.88) from L’OR Espresso

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Buy Now: L’OR Barista Sublime Bundle – Sunset Ruby | £59 (was £164.88) from L’OR Espresso

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Buy now: L’OR Barista Sublime Bundle – White Satin | £59 (was £164.88) from L’OR Espresso

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