Celebrity Chef Opens Providence Restaurant, But First There’s a Pop-Up Brunch

Good old Southern cooking comes to Providence.

Celebrity chef Tamra Patterson, better known as Chef Tam, is bringing her talents to Providence, starting with a two-day pop-up May 27-28 at the Old Brooklyn Tea House, 209 Douglas Ave. Brunch will be served from 11 a.m. at 14h

“Guests attending Chef Tam’s pop-up event will be treated to a sumptuous five-course brunch showcasing his Southern cuisine,” said a press release announcing the appearance. “From delicious starters to mouth-watering main courses and indulgent desserts, each course will showcase Chef Tam’s unparalleled culinary creativity.”

The event, called Southern Pew, is a preview of the planned opening of his new restaurant, Chef Tam’s Southern Pew, which is slated to open at the Old Brooklyn Tea House later this summer.

Tamra Patterson at her restaurant Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee on Friday, Feb. 12, 2021. In the background is a mural painted on her further.

Where would I know Chief Tam from?

Patterson is a regular on the Food Network, where you might have seen her in one of your favorite cooking show contests.

She was on “Chopped,” where she wowed the judges with her fried mac and cheese balls with sriracha tomato sauce that led her to walk away with the grand prize. She proved her prowess at the grocery store, when she won the Guy’s Grocery Games with a fried green cabbage and a white prosciutto pizza. And most recently, she was on Alex vs. America, where she faced Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, which was not a win, but the judges called her the best fried chicken they had ever eaten.

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She also owns Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee, and Chef Tam’s Express in Arlington, Texas.

What is on the menu?

It’s a five-course menu best described as a tour of Southern cuisine.

The meal includes:

  • A flight of devilish eggs

  • Cinnamon chipotle bacon and red velvet waffles

  • Shrimps and Grits

  • Quiche with green cabbage and smoked turkey with stewed potatoes

  • Apple Fritter Bread Pudding

There will also be watermelon and green apple mimosas. Tickets are $59.99 on Eventbrite.

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What do we know about Chef’s Tam Southern Pew?

All we know is that the restaurant is set to open this summer and will feature the Southern cuisine it is known for.

Along with two other restaurants to her name, her website bio states that she “plans to expand into every state where her family might have belonged.”

Her restaurants are known for showcasing her family history, and she said on her website that she longs for them all to feel like “at your grandmother’s house.”

This article originally appeared on The Providence Journal: Food Network star Chef Tam comes to Providence for a pop-up brunch

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