Chinese products at Tanzania trade fair create new business opportunities

DAR ES SALAAM, July 8 (Xinhua) — Mussa Kaisi, a cashew nut farmer from Tanzania’s Mtwara region, could not take his eyes off a 50-horsepower tractor displayed by Bada (Shandong) Agricultural Machinery Company Ltd. at the 48th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF).

“I bought this type of tractor from this company in March this year, and it helps me in my cashew farming,” said Kaisi, who owns 125 hectares of cashew trees. With the tractor, he hopes to increase his cashew production from 20 tonnes to over 35 tonnes in the next harvest season, which will start in September 2024.

“The products presented by Chinese companies help Tanzanian entrepreneurs improve production in various sectors, including agriculture and manufacturing,” he added.

Many other Tanzanians who visited the DITF, like Kaisi, were also attracted by the various Chinese products on display at the Chinese pavilion. The show, which ran from June 28 to July 13, hosted over 4,000 exhibitors from 26 countries, including over 200 Chinese companies.

Titled “Tanzania: Your Best Destination for Business and Investment,” the show is an annual event that showcases Tanzanian products and those from other African countries. The Chinese pavilion is coordinated by East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center (EACLC) Limited, a Chinese company that promotes trade between Tanzania and China. EACLC has organized exhibitions for Chinese companies at the show for four consecutive years.

Cathy Wang, General Manager of EACLC Limited, expressed her hope that Chinese exhibitors will find markets in Tanzania, discover high-quality Tanzanian sources, seize investment opportunities and achieve success. She said this year’s expo focuses on cooperation and trade exchanges, with supporting activities such as B2B meetings, cultural performances and investment exchanges.

The Chinese pavilion showcases products ranging from agricultural machinery, food production, processing and marketing, electrical machinery and equipment, animal feed and veterinary medicine, biopharmaceuticals and automotive industries.

Yusuf Salum Zuberi, a medical officer at Mwananyamala Referral Hospital in Dar es Salaam, was seen placing an order for a cement block making machine at the booth of Shandong Hongfa Scientific Industrial and Trading Company Limited. “I am planning to start a block making project, and this is the perfect place for me to get a state-of-the-art machine at very affordable prices,” Zuberi said.

“The products exhibited by Chinese companies at this trade fair provide business opportunities for Tanzanian entrepreneurs,” he added.

“Tanzania has a favorable business and investment environment. This is my first time attending this show. I am looking forward to the upcoming events,” said Mike Zhang, director of The Nile Machinery Company Limited, a leading mining and construction equipment manufacturer in China’s Hunan Province. He said his company received many orders from companies in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

Sun Ganmin, chief accountant of the commerce department of east China’s Shandong Province, said the province has maintained close economic and trade exchanges with Tanzania, an important trading partner in the African market.

Tanzanian Minister of Industry and Trade Selemani Jafo has lauded the Chinese pavilion at the 48th DITF, organised by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority, for showcasing infrastructure development, investment opportunities and technological advancements. He urged Tanzanian traders and businessmen to take inspiration from modern Chinese technologies to boost production and secure profitable trade deals.

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