Chinese, Ukrainian ministers meet days after Zelensky criticizes Beijing over relations with Russia

“The Ukrainian side expressed the hope that the participation of the People’s Republic of China in this event could become a good opportunity to make a practical contribution to the establishment of just and lasting peace in Ukraine,” said the ministry.

“Russia, using Chinese influence in the region, as well as Chinese diplomats, is doing everything to disrupt the peace summit,” he said.

He also claimed that Chinese economic and technological flows to Russia were helping it wage war and that Beijing had not responded to requests for meetings.


China urged to help end war in Ukraine by President Volodymyr Zelensky at Shangri-La Dialogue

China urged to help end war in Ukraine by President Volodymyr Zelensky at Shangri-La Dialogue

“Ukraine does not have a strong connection with China because the Chinese side does not want it,” he added.

China has repeatedly denied supplying weapons to Russia, and Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning has denied that Beijing tried to disrupt the Ukraine peace summit. Zelensky produced no evidence to support his claims on Sunday.

On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that “conditions are not yet ripe for peace talks” and that China would “make its own decisions” about participating in such meetings.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Sybiha also told Sun that “the only basis for achieving such peace is President Volodymyr Zelensky’s peace formula.”

However, the Chinese statement made no mention of China’s request for participation in the summit or even the war in Ukraine, saying only that Sun reaffirmed Beijing’s commitment to working with kyiv, to “continuing the beautiful tradition of mutual respect and sincere treatment. …and safeguard and develop Sino-Ukrainian relations.”

According to Beijing, Sybiha also said that Ukraine is willing to strengthen cooperation in several areas.

Vita Golod, president of the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists, said that while Wednesday’s meeting could be seen as an effort to stabilize relations strained by the Russian invasion, Zelensky’s public rebuke could be “a turning point in the official Ukrainian rhetoric towards China.

Sun Weidong and Andriy Sybiha met in Beijing on Wednesday. Photo: Weibo/Embassy of Ukraine in Beijing

She said there was deep disappointment behind the criticism of Beijing, as Ukraine’s leader sought broader support for his embattled country.

Zelensky’s peace formula includes measures to ensure food and nuclear security and the exchange of prisoners of war – all of which are in line with Beijing’s peace formula, Golod said.

“The World Peace Summit to be held this month in Switzerland will be the result of Ukraine’s considerable diplomatic efforts across the world. Ukrainian diplomacy at different levels, including our diplomats in Beijing, worked hard to ensure the presence of as many countries as possible.”

Yang Cheng, executive dean of the Shanghai Academy of Global Governance and Regional Studies, said Beijing was unlikely to risk its reputation “by doing what Zelensky accused it of doing.”

“It is clear that Zelensky’s intention in making these remarks was rather to avoid such a scenario,” Yang said. “However, such expressions could have a negative impact on China’s strategic judgment on Zelensky and Sino-Ukrainian relations.”

He added that China’s neutral position in this war mirrored that of India and Turkey. “In Ukraine, the strategic goal is to obtain more international assistance to end the war as quickly as possible and force Russia to return to its pre-2014 state,” Yang said, referring to the border before Russia annexed Crimea and occupied Donbass.

Golod said a breakthrough was unlikely. “The most pessimistic scenario for our future bilateral relations is the Lithuanian scenario,” she said.

“The most optimistic scenario is to maintain the status quo of ‘slow’ diplomatic dialogue, focused on trade relations.”

Lithuania, which regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, has taken a much tougher stance toward Beijing in recent years and sought closer ties with Taiwan.

Although Lithuania, like most countries, does not officially recognize Taiwan as an independent state, Beijing downgraded diplomatic relations with Vilnius in 2021 for allowing Taiwan, which it considers its own territory, to open there. de facto embassy.

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