Clément’s desserts, the flavors of France in Pacific Beach

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If you suddenly feel the urge to travel abroad, perhaps take a trip to Pacific Beach first to satisfy your European tastes. A new boutique on Garnet Avenue, Desserts by Clément, will fill you with the buttery aroma of France with golden croissants and an irresistible display of desserts.

Clément Le Déoré, originally from France, opened his dessert shop a month and a half ago. Some might recognize him as a TV star on the Food Network show “Spring Baking Championship.” You now have the chance to taste a variety of flavors and desserts concocted by one of the show’s finalists.

Clément Le Déoré serves up a pastry. COURTESY PHOTO

Le Déoré’s baking journey began at the age of 15. He traveled the world – from his hometown of Brittany to Corsica and Sydney – to become a competent baker, arriving in San Diego seven years ago.

Although starting a new baking business in France can be a difficult task, the United States has been a land of opportunity for Le Déoré to share the flavors and skills of his home country. “It’s motivating to see the customers’ faces when they taste my desserts. This is the reward. I love sharing with people,” he said.

There was another way for Le Déoré to share his skills: through pastry classes. He had started teaching people in response to requests from his followers on Instagram and continued for a year. Some joined us for fun, while others came to add something different to their business. He took a break from classes due to a tight schedule with the new store opening, but he’s eager to resume them.

“I receive a lot of emails asking for information about the course. People sometimes come to the store and ask me. I don’t have time now, but I have to start again. I don’t want to disappoint people,” Le Déoré said.

Le Déoré also explores a unique concept by offering a combination of French pastries and savory dishes that Americans love to have for breakfast. According to Le Déoré, as the French generally eat only sweet things in the morning, adding savory dishes was for him a new attempt to adapt to the local palate. The menu includes four different kinds of croissant sandwiches, as well as options like quiche and croque monsieur.

Being on TV shows also trained him to try something new and not settle. Le Déoré ventured to implement French skills in American style by endeavoring to prepare things he had never made before, such as wedding cakes and cupcakes.

New York rolls are one of the best-selling items. COURTESY PHOTO

In the meantime, his specialty is croissants and the New York roll, which has recently been one of the best-selling items. The New York roll is a small, round croissant filled with cream. “People went crazy for New York rolls over the weekend. It was the one that sold first and there were no more rolls at 2 p.m.,” says Le Déoré.

Le Déoré plans to gradually add different flavors for original dishes and new additions to the menu. His efforts will continue to share the beauty of French baked goods and pastries with the people of San Diego.


Where: 1380 Garnet Avenue.

Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday).


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