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Aging is inevitable, but there are things we can do to stay healthy as we age.

With that in mind, the free Healthy Aging course returns to Cleveland County Wellness Square (The Well) this March!

Taught by Barb Pyle, the course covers topics related to healthy aging. Many will already know Pyle who leads the Yoga for All class which incorporates balance, flexibility, agility and strength, key elements at any age, but particularly important as we age.

The Healthy Aging course will be held in the main floor classroom from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Wednesdays, March 20 – March 27, April 3 and (in the large events room) until to April 10. All are at The Well, 210 S. James Garner Avenue.

Pyle brings to The Well a lifelong passion for healthy living. She is a registered nurse and certified health and wellness coach and educator through the National Institute of Whole Health. She worked as a registered nurse for 26 years and has been a certified yoga instructor for nine years. After training at Baxter Bell in California, she became certified in teaching yoga for healthy aging.

“It’s a course for anyone who wants to learn about healthy living,” Pyle told me last year. “You don’t have to be older to benefit from the course. There will be a discussion about how to be as healthy as possible, even if you live with a chronic illness or have physical limitations, including how to modify exercise. Here are the topics covered in his series on healthy aging.

Part 1. Definition of health and well-being. Goal setting.

We will create a healthy vision board. Bring pictures, words, or pictures that you have cut out from magazines. Additional magazines will be available as well as the board and glue.

Part 2. Physical health and exercise.

How to continue or start working on physical health. This will emphasize strength, balance, agility and flexibility. We will look at ways to achieve this with limitations and modifications.

Part 3. Healthy Eating Habits. How to improve nutrition and small steps towards a healthier diet.

Part 4. Mental health and stress management. We will look at how improving lifestyle can improve our mental health. Further discussion on the importance of community and sense of purpose. Stress management techniques will be taught.

“I have a passion for teaching others, not only yoga, but also health and wellness,” she said. “Health is not the absence of disease but rather living your best life. »

Pyle has taught at the Moore Norman Technology Center on the South Penn and Norman campuses, as well as at a local studio in Norman.

“I love the concept of The Well, a community wellness center accessible to everyone,” Pyle said.

Register for classes through The Well’s new free app, The Well OK, or online at

Joy Hampton is Public Information Specialist for Cleveland County

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