Customers call this $25 kitchen basket a “sink hero” and I couldn’t agree more.

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The stylish sponge holder has 19,400 five-star ratings on Amazon.

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Very simple / Daisy Rodriguez

In the past, my husband and I argued about where to store the kitchen sponge and brushes. It was to the left of the sink; I was right, with a penchant for occasionally tossing said sponges and brush heads into the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. (You do that, right?) The result: the entire perimeter of our sink was regularly surrounded by a disorganized hodgepodge of soap dispensers, sponges, soap dishes, and dish brushes soap dispensers, interspersed with three-day-old soap. scum encrusted in our counter. Then, the Simplehuman Sink Caddy came into our lives, which the brand sent me to test for free.

This stylish accessory has not only been an eye-catcher for the kitchen in our home, but it also keeps our sink clean and provides an efficient setup for doing dishes with brushes and sponges stored in the container on the side of our sink. Four suction cups hold the piece securely in place, and we like that the pop-up silicone brush holder expands to accommodate longer brushes. Additionally, it can accommodate sponges of different sizes thanks to plastic dividers to store sponges separately.

Simplehuman sink rack

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Another cool feature? The basket’s ventilation holes ensure proper drainage of your sponges, minimizing bacterial growth. To top it all off, the cart is made from rust-proof stainless steel, meaning it lasts and looks great for the long haul. Even if it didn’t, I’d still buy it just for all the counter space it saves us.

We opted for the full-size version ($25), but if you only store sponges and not brushes, the slim version ($20) may do the trick just fine. Keep in mind that the standard size measures 7.6 by 5.6 by 7.5 inches and the slim size measures 6.8 by 4.3 by 6.3 inches. Even though this product is not dishwasher safe, it only takes a few minutes to clean while you need to refresh it every few weeks. And it has 19,400 perfect ratings and 3,200 five-star reviews.

As one Amazon shopper put it, this “sink hero” won’t give you any trouble with suction cups, has a fantastic built-in drain, and only takes up a little space in your sink. I agree, and more.

Speaking of saving counter space, now that our kitchen sink area is no longer a de facto storage space for foam and sponge cleaning accessories, there’s freed up space for more practical items. Recently, we tested and loved the Simplehuman Compact Kitchen Dish Drainer ($80) and the 9-ounce Touchless Refillable Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser ($70). Thanks to this clever sink rack, we finally have enough space around our sink to accommodate these items.

Now, the Simplehuman Sink Sponge Holder might just be the secret to happiness in the kitchen and in housekeeping too. Solve your kitchen sink problems and purchase the basket for just $25 on Amazon while it’s on sale. And check out other ways to organize your sink below!

HapiRm 4-in-1 adhesive sink rack

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Unikon sponge holder, pack of two

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Yazoni 2 in 1 sponge holder

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HapiRm Multifunctional Kitchen Sink Rack

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ODesign sink rack

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