Daughter of BDDU Captain Jason Chambers: Photo and Update

Captain Jason Chambers will blaze any trail to show up for his daughter, Saskia. THE Under the bridge boss – who did quite a job splash with the ladies of BravoCon 2023 – recently shared the special thing he did to support his child.

In his Instagram Stories on November 19, the Australian native, who currently lives in Singapore, recounted a fairly lengthy trip he had just taken. Sharing a photo of himself with his adorable daughter, the single sailor wrote: “3 flights with no sleep. Rushed to make her debut. Totally worth it.”

In the photo, Jason’s daughter was made up for the stage and had a small microphone attached to her. In the next Instagram Story, we found out why. Jason shared a sneak peek into his daughter’s charming school play, where she made her three-steal-worthy “debut.” The children wore colorful costumes and made big, animated gestures, making it clear that the show was definitely worth it.

Captain Jason Chambers opens up about his love for his daughter Saskia

As Jason explained during the Below series premiere Bridge downhe doesn’t see his daughter, whom he raises with his ex, very often due to his work in the yachting industry.

“Being away from her hurts me every day,” he said in an interview on Season 1 Episode 1. “There are no words to express how much I love my daughter. It’s all about her.” Then, during a conversation with The dish of the day In July, the captain shared more details about his bond with Saskia, who is currently nine years old.

When Jason is away from his only child, he stays in touch with her via several Facetime calls a day. As Saskia grew up, Jason said she developed a cheeky sense of humor and “her jokes really come into play.”

“I love seeing this little girl grow up. She has empathy, she has humor, she has adventure,” he said. “I think she’s a little bit of me – and her mother, especially – but I see a lot of myself in her the older she gets.”

On the Under the bridge Season 2 premiere, Jason spoke to Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph about working with Saskia’s mother at a villa they owned in the Philippines.

While helping Tzarina in the kitchen, he revealed that he learned cooking techniques from his mom Saskia, who was also a yacht chef. “Saskia’s mom is fantastic,” Jason said in a confessional on the episode. “We run a business together, we co-parent, and I’ve learned a lot from watching her.”

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