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The Chamoyz Snack Bar located on Georges Street in New Brunswick offers versatile shakes, smoothies, snacks and fruit bowls that will make your mouth water. Its menu offers different flavors and ingredients that not only elevate your taste buds but are authentic when it comes to Hispanic culture. Indulging in this dessert utopia puts tasty and colorful creations to the test.

The menu includes smoothies, pinas (fruit in a bowl of pineapple), raspados (flavored ice cream), sandias (fruit, cucumbers and peanuts arranged in a bowl of watermelon), michelaguas (a soft drink with a few spices), snack foods (like concha con helado (a traditional Mexican sweet bread with ice cream), as well as fruit snacks. What I admire about the menu is that there has images of each drink/food so that customers have the option of choosing something they are interested in; a representation helps tremendously when it comes to choosing.

Under each category there are staggered names for all creations and the price on the right. All groceries range from $4 to $32 depending on the portion or what you order. In this snack bar, it is not quality that takes precedence over quantity, but vice versa, these concepts are rather proportionate.

Although there are a variety of options to choose from, I wanted something simple. The first thing that caught my eye was the Mangonada located under the smoothie section for $7. This fruit drink is perfect on a very hot day. The refreshing recipe consists of frozen mangoes (for freshness), mango nectar (for a thick consistency), lime juice, chamoy, tajin and tamarind candy straws. I was so key in this drink, so I ordered it. The lady who took my order was very welcoming and patient. The service was very quick and there were no problems with the method of payment or even me taking my time to go through the menu beforehand.

The drink was ready in five minutes and the presentation was satisfactory. The consistency of the drink was smooth and syrupy. It flows evenly through the tamarind candy straw; it never got to the point where the drink was too thick to drink and got stuck in the straw. With the edible straw you also have two in one. The tamarind candy is molded around the straw to create the perfect balance of chili powder, sweet and spicy with the drink itself. The mango sorbet brings a rich natural sweetness that is very pleasing to the taste buds. The authenticity and the tropical touch speak for themselves. With the red infusion of chamoy, the vibrancy and bold flavor come to life. On top of the drink mix, there are mango cubes, a light dusting of tajin and a drizzle of chamoy for garnish. In just one sip, you get the perfect blend of sweet, tart, spicy and salty. For those projected hot summer days, all you really need is this mango puree; a strong and tasty tangy combination that lights up your taste buds.

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