Diamond’s Peak Fishing Challenge Gold 1 – Call of the Wild: The Angler

Catch a Gold Rank River Catfish.

Sometimes the tutorial missions in Call of the Wild: The Angler can be more frustrating than just going out and catching the fish he’s trying to teach you to land. Such is the case with Diamond’s Peak Fishing Challenge Gold 1, which tasks players with landing a Gold-rank channel catfish in a very specific location. Today I’m going to help you reduce your frustrations by giving you the location and equipment that will get the job done.

Diamond’s Peak Gold Fishing Challenge 1

You can complete the challenge on the notice board in the main Diamond’s Peak outpost, but be aware that you will need to complete some Bronze and Silver challenges first. Once you have completed this challenge, make sure you have the right equipment. Although you can catch channel catfish with a float fishing setup, I suggest bottom fishing. Here is the material I used:

  • Stem: graduation
  • Coil: Pure Champion
  • Line: Braided (20 kg)
  • Lead: Iron (56 g)
  • Hook: 1
  • Bait: Cheese

Now, my gear is a bit excessive, so if you want to tone it down to enjoy a better fight, do so. However, bottom fishing completed this challenge for me in about 15 minutes after failing to float fish for an entire night. Bad luck? Maybe, but I choose what suits me best.

The place you should fish is the center of the lake at the Crackling Needle trailhead. I suggest you place your own marker at the exact location the mission directs you to, as the game’s marker will maddeningly disappear once you reach the dock. Since you can’t place a marker on the map where there is an active marker in the game, you can also take a screenshot to compare it with your location to get it right.

From there, simply drop your line into the water, let it sink, and don’t move it. If you want to move it, quickly launch it and relaunch it. The more you move your bait while bottom fishing, the less effective it becomes.

Although channel catfish are active at night, the challenges should be doable at any time of the day. The game will spawn the fish you need to catch, you just need to find it in the middle of a lake with a disappearing marker. That said, if it’s dark, you might as well play it safe and try to take him out under the cover of darkness.

Hopefully this alleviates the frustration of trying to complete Diamond’s Peak Fishing Challenge Gold 1. It may still take some time, but this method will work. For more help with The Angler, visit our Call of the Wild: The Angler thread on Shacknews and view the help sheet via The Angler’s Discord community. Although I didn’t use it specifically for this challenge, it helped me immensely in developing my gaming knowledge over time.


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