Do you like cream cheese? Try this healthy, protein-rich recipe for guilt-free indulgence

There are few things as delicious as cream cheese. Loved for its smooth, creamy texture, it pairs well with a variety of different foods. Whether on a sandwich, in a dessert, or as a dip for snacks like chips, it instantly enhances the taste. Is not it ? However, as much as we love cream cheese, there is a downside: it is high in calories. If you’re on a weight loss diet, cream cheese might be something you need to avoid. And you don’t think it’s unfair? But don’t worry, we have your back as always. Presentation: a healthy version of cream cheese that you can enjoy without any guilt. This recipe is high in protein and a must-have for cream cheese lovers.

Is cream cheese healthy?

Cream cheese is a good source of calcium; however, it is also high in fat. This gives it a low rating on the nutritional scale compared to other types of cheese. The fact that it is high in fat makes it high in calories and not one of the healthiest options. So while you can eat cream cheese when you’re dieting, remember to always eat it in moderation.
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Does homemade cream cheese have a similar texture to regular cream cheese?

The answer is yes! The texture of homemade cream cheese is quite similar to store-bought cream cheese. It’s super smooth and creamy, and you won’t even notice any difference between the two. Spread it on your toast or use it as a dip; you will definitely be impressed by its incredibly delicious.

How to Make High Protein Cream Cheese | High Protein Cream Cheese Recipe

The video of this protein-rich cream cheese was shared by Instagram page @diningwithdhoot. To prepare it, add paneer, Greek yogurt, garlic cloves, oregano and salt to a blender. Note: If you don’t have Greek yogurt, you can use suspended curds instead. Mix everything together until it forms a smooth paste. Transfer it to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to a week. Your homemade high-protein cream cheese is ready!
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Watch the full protein-rich cream cheese recipe video here:

Make this protein-rich cream cheese at home and enjoy it guilt-free. For more healthy recipes, keep visiting our website.

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