Donna Kelce on Travis’ Favorite Foods and the Perfect Super Bowl Spread

Travis Kelce is headed to the Super Bowl. For most people, the big game is the time to watch football, halftime shows and big-budget commercials at home on your couch — but Donna Kelce isn’t most people.

Travis and Jason have been very fortunate to make the playoffs over the years.

As a mother of not one, but two NFL Superstars — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce — Mama Kelce’s Super Bowl plans are mostly up in the air.

“Travis and Jason have been very fortunate to make the playoffs over the years,” Donna told Elite Daily while promoting her partnership with Heluva Good! drops, which is why she wasn’t sure of her plans for Feb. 11 — until the Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game on Jan. 28.

Now that Travis is heading to Las Vegas for the big showdown against the San Francisco 49ers, she’ll likely be at Allegiant Stadium cheering him on. Whether she’s in the stands or a VIP suite, Donna says having the right snacks is a must at the Super Bowl.

When her sons were younger, Donna shares that the Kelce family’s Super Bowl tradition was to watch the game together and “have a good time while eating.” Both Kelce brothers talked about how much they loved their mother’s cooking on their New heights podcast, especially its chocolate chip cookies and muffins, but Donna says the secret to having a good game day is having “lots of little things” and “focusing on the dips.”

Damn, good!

“Dips are the one thing that everyone loves and goes to,” Donna says. One of Mama Kelce’s specialties is her Seven Layer Dip, made with Heluva Good! Jalapeño Cheddar Dip, but she’s also a fan of the brand’s French onion option with fries and grilled chicken dipping in buttermilk ranch. “Most of the time there are a lot of men around, and they’re very hungry, so you have to have a lot of different things,” she says.

In addition to sharing her Super Bowl snack suggestions below, Donna gives her thoughts on some of Travis’ favorite foods and what everyone is drinking in the VIP suites at Kansas City Chiefs games.

Donna’s Blueberry Muffins are a Beloved Kelce Recipe

The key to getting Travis Kelce out of bed in the morning isn’t setting multiple alarms, but making blueberry muffins. Donna says her blueberry muffin recipe was both Travis and Jason’s favorite food when they were growing up.

“I would cook them in the morning, they would smell them, and it would get them out of bed pretty quickly,” she says.

In the Holiday 2023 episode of New heights podcast, Travis said eating muffins on Christmas morning is one of his favorite holiday traditions; when he smelled them in the kitchen, he knew it was time to open the presents.

Donna’s Magic Marshmallows are also a TikTok favorite

Featuring blueberry muffins with streusel on top, Donna shared on New heights that she would also make Pillsbury rolls for Travis and Jason – which are similar to the viral Hocus Pocus rolls on TikTok.

According to Donna, to make these “magic marshmallow” treats, you need to “roll the marshmallows in butter, cinnamon and sugar, and put them in the middle of a croissant dough.” When you bake them, the marshmallows melt and seem to disappear – like *magic*.

Travis and Taylor are fans of these cinnamon rolls

To this day, Travis still loves delicious cinnamon treats. One of her favorite desserts is a Rye Cinnamon Roll. The Kansas City restaurant is a go-to spot for the (current) two-time Super Bowl champion, and Rye’s co-owner Megan Garrelts told Page Six that Travis always orders their cinnamon rolls when he stops by.

When his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, had dinner with some of the other Chiefs WAGs on Dec. 30, the Eras Tour artist should have tried the cinnamon rolls that Travis loves so much. Garrelts told the outlet, “He always asks for our cinnamon roll, so I think he must have said something to (Taylor) since she was going to Rye.”

Donna can confirm that Travis is a fan of pecan cinnamon rolls: “I’ve seen them around the house.”

In October, Swift made homemade cinnamon rolls before one of Travis’ games. Whether it’s Rye’s recipe or her own – what she shared in 2020 – it’s cute to know that she can make him one of his favorite desserts whenever he wants it.

Travis is not an adventurous foodie

While Jason and Travis talked about the foods they love on their podcast, they also mentioned some foods they can’t stand. For example, Travis is not a fan of mayonnaise.

“He’s just not very adventurous,” Donna says of Travis’ taste in food. “He likes all the normal things, but as he’s gotten older, I think he’s picked up a few new favorites.”

While dating Swift, Travis discovered some of her favorite restaurants in New York, so it’s possible his food game has improved. However, Donna says he’s still not a fan of mayonnaise and his favorite sandwich would just be a lot of “meat and cheese.”

VIP suites offer a variety of drinks

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Since Swift’s first game against the Kansas City Chiefs in September 2023, all eyes have been on the VIP suite at Arrowhead Stadium to see what the “Cruel Summer” singer is up to — especially what she’s drinking. Swifties have speculated that the singer’s favorite drink is a cranberry vodka, but she is also known to enjoy Betty Buzz Meyer Lemon Club Soda, a Casa Azul Lime Margarita Tequila Soda, and High Noon Tequila Seltzer.

Donna says: “There are lots of different things to drink in the suite. » Mama Kelce’s drink of choice is usually water, but she also has a ginger ale or a glass of wine if she feels like something different. It’s nice to know that you have your choice of drinks to enjoy with a plate of chicken fingers with ketchup and “apparently ranch.” Travis is usually on the field, but Donna says his favorite order would be a tequila soda.

Kylie is the cook of the Kelce family

Somehow, Donna hopes the Kelce family will make time to see each other for Super Bowl LVIII. She’s really looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren and Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce. Although Donna is a great baker, she says, “Kylie is a fantastic cook, so I could learn things from her.” »

Last year’s Super Bowl was a special opportunity for the whole family to come together as Travis’ Chiefs took on Jason’s Eagles in the big game of 2023. Although Kylie might end up supporting her brother-in-law this year — as she did during the Chiefs’ Jan. 21 game against the Buffalo Bills — she might still decide to stay quieter at home with the kids. If she does, Donna says Kylie will probably have the same dips she infuses into her spread, as well as tortilla chips.

The laid-back game day plans are what Donna is manifesting for 2024. After a very hectic year, she is simply looking for more peace, health, and happiness. She says: “These are the three things that I think would be best. »

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