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Thanksgiving Checklist Sounds:


Mashed potatoes…check.


Did I miss something?

Don’t forget your stretchy pants.

Along with a great home-cooked meal, two Miami restaurants are taking the stress out of holiday preparation with their unique takes on Thanksgiving staples.

Don’t be a “Thank-Zilla” this Thanksgiving and let someone else do all the cooking this holiday.

Red Rooster in Overtown is adding a little more Miami to its holiday menu.

Anastassia Saint-Eloi: “We wanted to add a unique twist to Thanksgiving staples to spread awareness of the beautiful cultures that exist in Miami, like Latin cultures and African cultures.”

And to do that, they spice things up… Literally.

Anastassia Saint-Eloi: “We have jerk, we have curry, we have our spiced rum butter, and we draw inspiration from the multitude of cultures here in Miami. »

Ready to devour these curry turkey wings, plus other favorites?

Anastassia Saint-Eloi: “Our fantastic mac and cheese, our warm bourbon chocolate pecan pie and our fabulous collard greens lovers. We also have our jerk-fingerling sweet potatoes.

Not to mention their cornbread.

Elijah Harlow: “My favorite part of the meal has to be that cornbread stuffing, and hands down those sweet potatoes, which I would absolutely die for. »

Anastassia Saint-Eloi: “In addition to enjoying our excellent cuisine, guests will have the opportunity to drink refreshing cocktails, admire amazing works of art from around the world, and the best part is that There is no cleaning. »

At Queen Restaurant and Lounge in Miami Beach, Thanksgiving is an extravagant affair.

Mitchell Hesse: “As Queen is a Japanese steakhouse, we wanted to incorporate Japanese and American traditions, so we thought this was a great opportunity to invite the local community to experience something special. »

They do this by adding classic holiday flavors to their menu, like pumpkin.

Mitchell Hesse: “When you come for Thanksgiving, we have a wide range of signature specials for the day, we have pumpkin tofu, three pumpkin risotto”

As for the poultry… They have a chicken and foie gras meatball.

Daniela Slocker: “This Thanksgiving meal was delicious, it surprised me. My favorite was the pumpkin tofu.

Mitchell Hesse: “People should come to Queen because it will be a different experience than the usual Thanksgiving traditions that happen in Miami on that day. We will use our cuisine and venue to their full potential to offer something truly unique to Miami.

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