Downtown cafe rebrands, expands beverage experience and adds wine program

ASHEVILLE – Two coffee and wine connoisseurs with a taste for entrepreneurship have joined forces to bring more community-focused beverages and experiences to Asheville.

In March 2023, Logan and Essy Hatchett opened Hatchett Goods, a coffee shop on the city’s north side at 96 Weaverville Road, suite 107.

Essy Hatchett was one of the owners of Trade & Lore, a downtown coffee shop at 37 Wall St. that opened in 2016. Last December, the Hatchetts acquired full ownership of the business.

Logan and Essy Hatchett, owners of Rite Rite, January 22, 2024.

Logan and Essy Hatchett, owners of Rite Rite, January 22, 2024.

In recent months, the couple rebranded to reintroduce the cafes under the Rite Rite name.

“We always wanted to do something together focusing on what we enjoy in coffee and wine,” said Logan Hatchett, a certified sommelier developing a wine program for the company.

Essy Hatchett said the name Trade & Lore refers to the coffee trade and the stories shared in the store, whether it’s the origin of the coffee or interactions with customers.

Rite Rite, inspired by the Old English word for ritual, refers to the practice of drinking coffee and tea to start the day and imbibing in wine in the evening, Logan Hatchett said.

Inside Rite Rite Coffee Shops

The downtown cafe stays true to its roots, offering the same familiar flavors, staff and cozy atmosphere.

Upgrades are being made to improve the space, like a new paint job and refurbished furniture, for example. The business is also seeing improvements, with the expansion of the locally made retail section, which features brands from local companies like Matcha Nude, Asheville Tea Company and Spicewalla.

JJ Storniolo prepares a latte at Rite Rite downtown in Asheville on January 22, 2024.

JJ Storniolo prepares a latte at Rite Rite downtown in Asheville on January 22, 2024.

“I’ve always liked this place because it’s on the outskirts of downtown,” Logan Hatchett said. “But Wall Street, I feel like it has this identity of being like a hidden street on the side that the locals know, and you find your way.”

The north location started as a blank slate and was transformed to represent the couple’s personalities and styles and embrace the neighborhood.

“It feels like home because a lot of things come from home,” Essy Hatchett said. “Coming into this space, we said, let’s put our mark on this.”

The north location will primarily host themed events, such as wine tastings and food pop-ups, but there will also be occasional events downtown.

Rite locations are available for private event bookings for occasions including corporate, birthday and holiday parties. Requests can be submitted by sending a message under “contact us” on the website.

Customers sit at the bar at Rite Rite's North location in Asheville on January 26, 2024.

Customers sit at the bar at Rite Rite’s North location in Asheville on January 26, 2024.

Benefits of the Rite Rite Menu

Several roasters are rotating downtown, including local partners Cooperative Coffee Roasters.

North Cafe exclusively features roasts from Flowermouth Coffee Roaster, which shares space and operates its roastery.

Beyond traditional coffee and espresso drinks, Rite Rite serves cold, iced and hot options like coffee sodas – instant iced coffee topped with sparkling water and a house-made syrup of the customer’s choice – as well as beverages caffeine free.

Customers chat at the Rite Rite North location in Asheville, January 26, 2024.

Customers chat at the Rite Rite North location in Asheville, January 26, 2024.

Flavored syrups are made in-house with options including lavender honey, orange cardamom and butterbeer.

The combination of pistachio and rose water flavors is a best-seller.

“People are always a little shy when they look at it because rosewater can be overwhelming at some point, but everyone who tries it loves it,” said Logan Hatchett, who likes it under form of latte with oat milk.

Essy Hatchett also recommends it as a matcha, saying the flavors balance its earthiness.

Fresh baked goods are provided by local businesses Back Porch Baking, a vegan bakery, and Mother, which specializes in sourdough products including bagels and quiches.

Wine, beer and cider can be consumed at the store on the north side or purchased to go. Downtown is expected to offer alcoholic beverages by spring.

The wine is sold with affordability in mind, Logan Hatchett said. A 20% discount is offered on bottles sold to take away.

“This year it’s all about wine – a really good product and educating people on what it is,” Logan Hatchett said. “I think it goes with coffee too.”

Rite Rite

Or: 37 Wall St., downtown Asheville.

96 Weaverville Road, Suite 107, Asheville.

Hours: 8am-4pm daily

Information: To learn more, visit or Follow us on Instagram at @riteritenc.

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