Euro Dairies launches new cheese varieties for Shavuot: don’t miss them!

As Shavuot approaches, a special collaboration between Gad Dairies and Wolt Market has produced a festive cheese box. This box includes six types of cheese, butter, a paper card to create the perfect platter and a recipe booklet from Laiza Panels. The cheeses featured are traditional sheep feta, kashkaval, cheddar, French brie, Italian salted butter, sliced ​​Manchego and triangle-shaped Gouda. This set is perfect for hosts or as a gift. Price: 149.90 ILS.

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Euro Dairies has launched various new cheeses for Shavuot, including protein-rich soft mozzarella, 125g burrata, buffalo mozzarella, 27% smoked cheese, lactose-free soft mozzarella and lactose-covered strawberries. chocolate for dessert.

We tasted the burrata, both surprising and delicious, firm and soft. We also tried the smoked cheese, a hard cheese that has undergone a smoking process and comes in slices, and it was just fine. But don’t miss the dark chocolate-covered strawberries; they arrive frozen and have become our new addiction: a sweet delight. Price: NIS 7.90-24.90.

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Foodappeal is developing in the household appliances sector. The company recently launched a new series of countertop electric appliances after a year of development. This new series includes a large blender with all the necessary accessories in an elegant design, a compact espresso machine compatible with capsules and ground coffee, an electric vegetable chopper, a citrus press, a spring-loaded toaster and a kettle.

We tested the food processor in this series, which comes with discs for slicing, whipping, cutting, kneading and even a disc for making chips. This robot is a must-have in the kitchen and can replace other appliances that clutter our counters. Despite a three-liter bowl, it doesn’t look bulky. Price: NIS 299-899.

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Weleda presents a new anti-aging eye cream. The cream is based on maca root peptides and pomegranate and argan seed oils, which work together to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. According to the brand, the cream also reduces the appearance of fine lines, although we didn’t notice much change in that regard. However, a visible improvement in bags under the eyes was noted. Price: 149.90 ILS.

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After opening themed restaurants around the world, the rebar network decided to dedicate a series of drinks to avocado. The green fruit, long considered a superfood, is now present in five creamy-textured drinks. Each drink in the series is fortified with 20 grams of protein, some dairy-based and some dairy-free.

Flavors include “Super Avocado” with avocado, mango, spinach, banana, honey and fresh apple juice, and “Mix Tropicado” with avocado, pitaya, strawberry, frozen vanilla soy, honey, regurt and vanilla soy drink. Since the avocado flavor is not dominant, it is barely perceptible in the mixture, but it provides a velvety texture and essential nutritional values. Price: 29 NIS.


SodaStream has rebranded its flavor collection and introduced two new fruit flavors, passion fruit and lemonade, with no added sugar. These low-calorie flavors join the existing range: sugar-free raspberry and mixed berries, red grapefruit and sugar-free red grapefruit. These new flavors are ideal for those who can’t give up the sweetness of their soda. They are very summery and refreshing. Price: 21 shekels.

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Hair care brand HASK offers a new series to create full and voluminous hair. The Biotin Boost series, including shampoo and conditioner, is free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, gluten or alcohol that dry out hair, making it suitable for all hair types, even straight chemically smoothed. According to the ingredient list, it contains biotin, collagen, and coffee, which help strengthen hair. This series is excellent and leaves hair soft to the touch. Price: 34.90 ILS. Available exclusively at Super-Pharm

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Deodorant brand AX has launched the Ax Premium Collection series, comprising four fragrances combined with essential oils: Aqua Bergamot, Blue Lavender, Green Geranium and Copper Sandalwood. The fragrances are created by renowned perfumers and are a unique combination of perfume and deodorant in one. They contain more antiperspirant ingredients than the brand’s previous series and last longer. Price: NIS 15.90-19.90.

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