Florida’s Official Dessert Recipe

MM Cloutier

Move over, key lime pie.

If you’re surprised that strawberry shortcake is the official state dessert of Florida, you’re not alone.

Two years ago this month (March 7, to be exact), some of us might have been busy eating key lime pie (the official state pie, by the way) when Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law designating strawberry shortcake as the official dessert of Florida. .

The good news? Now is the perfect time to enjoy a strawberry shortcake: The five-month harvest season for Florida-grown strawberries continues through April as part of the majority of the nation’s strawberries grown during the winter.

The strawberry shortcake from Petite Marmite was very popular with the guests.

Memory Lane:In memory of the glories of the Little Marmite of Palm Beach

Although the traditional dessert is not often seen these days in Palm Beach on restaurant menus (Swifty’s at the Colony Hotel, however, served a much-anticipated version in February for Valentine’s Day), it was a dessert popular on the island in decades past. , a point of reference from which to draw inspiration.

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