From a multicultural Malaysian childhood to a culinary mix between Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria

Blasta Books’ inimitable illustrated cookbooks continue to promote new voices in cooking and showcase the culinary diversity found across Ireland this autumn.

In #11: A LITTLE, Where food oscillates between Chinese, Thai, Indian and Malaysian influences, Chef Sham Hanifa combines all the cuisines of his multicultural childhood to create his own personal representation of the Malaysian society he grew up in. With recipes that contain all the flavour of his diverse heritage, Sham presents a fascinating culinary landscape that shows him to be an instinctively intelligent and respectful chef and will encourage readers to delve into his easy and delicious Asian-style dishes.

Shamzuri (Sham) Hanifa Sham Hanifa is a multi-award winning chef, businessman and radio presenter. Originally from Malaysia, Sham moved to Carrick-on-Shannon in County Leitrim, Ireland in 2000 to begin a journey that would take him from general kitchen work to head chef and owner/co-owner of a number of establishments including Cottage Restaurant, My Kitchen by Sham Hanifa, Synergy Café and Buffalo Boy Steakhouse. Sham regularly appears on Virgin Media One Six hour showwhere he shows easy-to-prepare, Asian-style dishes.

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