From Khao Suey to Bunny Chow: Delicious Dishes to Try from 20 Countries at Around the Globe Food Festival in Delhi

Image source: IMAGE FILE Delicious dishes to try from 20 countries at the Around the Globe Food Festival in Delhi.

Delhi’s Crowne Plaza hosts an incredible food festival that will delight taste buds around the world. The Around the Globe Food Festival is a 15-day event that promises delicious international cuisine and a unique opportunity to explore the culinary diversity of different cultures. To celebrate World Tourism Day, the food festival started on September 14 and will continue until September 28, 2023 at Edesia Restaurant, Crowne Plaza, Okhla. One can indulge in iconic street foods, inventive twists and a mosaic of tastes that will delight the taste buds in a one-of-a-kind Food Embassy experience.

The event features a range of over 100 dishes from various countries such as Korea, India, Japan, Myanmar, Italy, Africa, France and the United States. Every country’s cuisine has its unique flavors and styles that make it special. Whether you’re a fan of African Bunny Chow or Japanese Okonomiyaki pancakes, there’s something for everyone.

One can munch on New York-style burgers or work their way into the German cheese spaetzle, dig into the African Bunny Chow or go Mamma Mia on the Neapolitan pizza, roll on the Mexican burrito or play with your palate, just like the iconic Turkish. Ice cream – your taste buds are all set for a roller coaster of flavors from 20 countries on a cycling menu. Some of the culinary gems include shawarmas, doner kebabs, falafel wraps, barbecue selections, French galettes, Korean burgers, Russian baked potatoes, Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes, Montreal-style bagel sandwiches and many more, as well as a sumptuous main course and dessert spread. Street vendors and food carts are also present for an original street-style experience with a touch of nostalgia through the Ice Pops, Pulled Sugar Candies and Candy Floss counters.

We conducted chef interviews and Q&A sessions to learn more about culinary practices in different countries. The atmosphere of the Food Festival is vibrant and exciting. You can taste a variety of cuisines while listening to music.

Ashutosh Bisht, Executive Sous Chef and Curator of the festival said, “This food festival is an ode to the street food culture across the world as well as a celebration of our in-house chefs who have expertise in various cuisines of the whole world. Our menu offers multiple dishes that have become cult in their respective countries of origin. While most dishes remain true to their authentic preparations, we have also brought an inventive touch to a few dishes with millet as the star ingredient.

Shuvendu Banerjee, Managing Director, said, “As World Tourism Day approaches, we aim to celebrate the role of tourism in inclusive development with this immersive culinary experience. With guest delight and loyalty at the forefront of our hospitality business, we are optimistic about our ability to win hearts with such thoughtful curations. We also look forward to strengthening relationships with our tourism partners throughout the event.

There are also several activities to enjoy during the festival. There will be cooking demonstrations that teach guests how to prepare traditional dishes from around the world. The Around the Globe Food Festival is also a great way to experience different cultures and their traditional cuisines.

The Around the Globe Food Festival is a great opportunity to try something new and explore international flavors without leaving Delhi. If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience, mark this incredible event on your calendars!

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