Genghis Grill closes locations in Charlotte, North Carolina


Steak and broccoli bowl from Genghis Grill.

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As a newcomer to Charlotte, my sister and brother-in-law, Zachary Titus, were happy to help me move – if only to help me build my list of “restaurants I have to try in Charlotte “.

And Zachary knew exactly where to start my culinary adventures in my new city: with Mongolian barbecue. After helping me settle into my new place, he suggested we go to Genghis Grill for dinner.

And while Genghis Grill East a chain, Mongolian-style stir-fry restaurant is popular — with locals and people willing to travel, say, 170 miles for the food (looking at you, Zachary). We went to have a well-deserved meal after a day of moving.

Yet when we arrived on Friday, June 7, we found that the location on Community House Road was permanently closed – and the sign had already been removed.

“It was one of my favorite establishments in Charlotte,” Zachary said. “When I found out it was closed, my heart broke.” It’s safe to say he had no appetite for anything else. My sister even chimed in and said that Genghis Grill was one of the main reasons she couldn’t wait to visit Charlotte. Hey, what about me?

So I did some research — and the Ballantyne area wasn’t the only victim of the Dallas-based chain.

The airport location was listed online as permanently closed. Our team explored the location on Independence Boulevard a few days later to find it also closed, gutted and with the doors locked.

Genghis Grill has closed its Charlotte locations, including the one on Independence Boulevard, pictured here.
Genghis Grill has closed its Charlotte locations, including the one on Independence Boulevard, pictured here. Alex Cason CharlotteFive

I wasn’t the only one missing this place: Charlotteans had recently taken to Reddit to voice their thoughts on local shutdowns. One user, Matthew James, told me he was quite “surprised considering the Ballantyne location always seemed busy.”

“I heard they were having trouble recruiting staff,” Matthew said. “However, it still took forever to get your food, and this is probably due to the constant understaffing.”

Change of ownership of Genghis Grill

In April 2023, Franchise Times reported that Craveworthy Brands purchased Genghis Grill as part of the 80-unit Mongolian Concepts, which includes BD’s Mongolian Grill, Flat Top Grill and Genghis Grill.

Craveworthy Brands CEO Gregg Majewski told Franchise Times at the time that Genghis Grill was a “diamond in this business,” saying customers loved their custom stir-fry bowls. He went on to say that when he took ownership, “there were a lot of problems with Genghis, but we solved them. »

Charlotte’s culinary scene has been hit hard, as the loss of the three Genghis Grill locations leaves the city bereft of Mongolian barbecue. More than just a franchise, the menu offers a unique dining experience where customers can create their own stir-fry bowls with a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces that sizzle on a large circular grill.

The process is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

What about other Genghis Grill establishments?

The only remaining Genghis Grill location in North Carolina is in Winston-Salem, according to the Genghis Grill website.

Yet when I called the Winston-Salem location around noon Monday, a server told me he wasn’t sure why the Charlotte locations were permanently closed.

Shortly after, the phone call was disconnected and our team was no longer able to contact the restaurant. I called neighboring businesses, and representatives for a neighboring eye doctor and an eyeglass store in the same building both told me they didn’t think the Winston-Salem location was currently open.

When we contacted the company’s PR team via email, we received a response stating that the email address was no longer available.

My brother-in-law isn’t the only person who is emotionally affected by the shutdown of this fan-favorite channel. Many Genghis Grill establishments have permanently closed their doors from 2023:

  • In August, Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill, located in Missouri, wrote in a Facebook post that it would close immediately due to “lack of staff.” Riley Valentine commented: “Been coming here since I was a baby, major heartbreak but lots of love and all the best. Thank you for everything.”

  • In September, The Telegraph announced that its North Macon, Georgia, location had closed.

  • In October, KSAT News reported that Genghis Grill in Texas was “evicted for late rent.”

  • In December, Central Illinois News reported that Genghis Grill, located in an outdoor shopping center in Peoria, Illinois, was “closed for good.”

Genghis Grill

Location: 11324 N Community House Rd #10, Charlotte, NC 28277 (permanently closed)

Location: 9727 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105 (permanently closed)

Location: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208 (permanently closed)

This story was originally published June 11, 2024, 6:00 a.m.

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