Get pancakes, bubble waffles and ice cream at this new store on the Swansea food truck campus

The final piece of the Soulcial Kitchen campus is in place, according to founder and owner John Michel.

Michel told me in an interview in February that he planned to open an ice cream parlor on the west end of campus.

This project, Holy Crepes!, is the latest venture established at the Swansea Food Truck Park and is open for business.

Michel said he decided to focus more on pancakes than ice cream. His reasoning is that there are other ice cream parlors in the area but no pancakes.

Located at 1718 Helen Street, Holy Crepes! offers a variety of crepes, ice creams, shakes, coffees and bubble waffles.

What are bubble waffles? I asked the same question.

It’s a kind of egg waffle, made with a waffle batter base, which I think looks like giant bubble wrap.

At Holy Crepes!, they take this bubble waffle and load it up with ice cream, cookies, fruit, and other tasty treats.

They look amazing!

Holy Pancakes! at 1718 Helen St. in Swansea serves bubble waffles with different flavors of ice cream and cookies.

The menu currently offers:


  • The North Star – Nutella, with optional bananas or strawberries;

  • Les Rois Mages – choice of gourmet preserves – strawberry, raspberry or pecan bourbon blueberry;

  • The Carpenter – Biscoff cookie butter spread, with optional bananas or strawberries;

  • La Trinité – Nutella, coconut and almonds;

  • Sweet Crepe of the Day;

  • The Last Supper – ham and cheese pancakes infused with the house’s secret sauce;

  • Savory of the day.


Shakes are also available; coffee including Le Bon Samaritain, iced coffee with coffee ice cream, whipped cream and drizzle of mocha; and the Croque Glace, a sweet brioche bun pressed with a choice of ice cream and a drizzle of raspberry or chocolate.

Michel said the Croque Glace is made with a special press that seals the ice cream sandwich, keeping it hot on the outside and cold on the inside.

Pancakes and shakes are on the menu at Holy Crepes!  in Swansea.

Pancakes and shakes are on the menu at Holy Crepes! in Swansea.

Start and plan ahead

Michel said they are currently in their soft opening phase, starting with ordering window service only.

Once staff have honed the fundamentals, becoming comfortable and consistent with the operation, walk-in service will be added.

Inside the shop, customers will see other available goodies.

Michel said they had 14 flavors of ice cream from the Ice Cream Factory.

He also mentioned a partnership with Patty’s Cheesecakes, which is currently at City Foundry in St. Louis.

And more items will be added to the menu as the store gains a foothold, according to general manager Aliyah Almasri

Almasri, also known as Ameena, is the baker of Holy Crepes!

She started cooking in 2019 during the pandemic. As a home baker, she posted photos of her confectionery creations on social media, which is how Michel found her.

She said she received a message with a proposal for a new business opportunity and met with Michel to pitch her ideas.

Then the real test, the taste test, took place.

Almasri provided many samples to Michel, his wife and business partner Holly Michel, and the Soulcial Kitchen campus staff.

She made eight styles of pancakes, homemade ice cream, cakes and cookies.

Holly Michel and the restaurant workers liked everything, according to Almasri, and took home what was left.

Almasri’s enthusiasm for this new venture is evident. I could see on her face how happy she was to be able to create different sweets.

While Almasri has his own pancake recipes, Holy Crepes! currently uses a Michel family recipe, according to John Michel.

Almasri already has ideas and recipes ready to go when Holy Crepes! takes its next steps.

We were talking about waffle sticks, donut sticks and other homemade Middle Eastern ice cream, including a vegan pistachio ice cream.

Almasri said having this opportunity and being able to work with a lot of great people is “a dream come true”.

Speaking with Michel and Almasri, I learned that there is so much more to Holy Crepes!, as well as the rest of the Soulcial Kitchen family and its mission.

But that’s a great story for another day, so stay tuned.

Holy Pancakes!  at 1718 Helen St. in Swansea is part of the Soulcial Kitchen campus.

Holy Pancakes! at 1718 Helen St. in Swansea is part of the Soulcial Kitchen campus.

About Holy Crepes!

Holy Pancakes! is located at 1718 Helen St. in Swansea.

Hours are currently 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Thursday, 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, noon to 10 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday.

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