Gran ditches false teeth to take on grueling 3,000-calorie chocolate cake challenge

In what appears to be an unusual remake of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, a grandmother of five, known as Big T, has ditched her dentures in a desperate attempt to earn £25 by demolishing a chocolate cake for 14 people.

Tootles’ Grandma Takes Off Her Dentures for 3,000 Calorie Cake Challenge

Move over Bruce Bogtrotter, a woman has shown the best way to gobble down chocolate cake.

Grandma Tracey Webber recently went viral after completing a grueling challenge: demolishing a 3,000-calorie cake, weighing 2kg, in just 10 minutes. Sitting at Cattlemans Steakhouse at the Parkers Arms in Devon, the 52-year-old had her eyes on the £25 reward, but soon encountered an unusual problem.

Known as ‘Big T’, the grandmother of five realized chocolate was loosening her dentures and reducing her chances of success. So, she took them out and gave the punters a good laugh.

Punters left hysterical after grandmother ditches her dentures(Cattleman’s Steakhouse/Kennedy News)

In hilarious footage, which has been viewed 1.4 million times, Webber can be seen tackling the gigantic cake wearing blue gloves to prepare the food before placing his false teeth on the table. “People burst out laughing when they saw them, they were hysterical,” she remembers.

“I smashed the cake in my hand, put it in my mouth and swallowed it. It didn’t work, so I threw in some water and made some sort of milk out of it -shake. It was very sickly. I thought I was going to be half sick. -of the way, but I just stopped thinking about it. I went a little over three-quarters of the way. It went everywhere – it was in my hair, it was in my nose.”

Unfortunately, the grandmother was defeated by the challenge – which was only completed by three people. Instead, she went home with the rest of the cake and a “turned” stomach – but that didn’t deter her from taking on future challenges.

“I really enjoyed it, it was a really good experience,” she added. “I paid the £25 fee but it was worth it. I’m going to do the mixed grill challenge next. I can’t eat a steak with my teeth so I’m going to fail that one too. I’m I’ll see if they can replace the steak with something else.”

Webber was defeated – but says she still enjoyed the challenge(Cattleman’s Steakhouse/Kennedy News)

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