Great Neck School Celebrates End of Year with Family Barbecue

As the academic year came to an end, Achie Temimim Magen Israel students celebrated with a memorable family barbecue in the park, where students presented what they learned this year. Full story

As the academic year came to an end, Achei Temimim Magen Israel students celebrated with a memorable family barbecue in the park. This event was not only a festive gathering but also an opportunity for each class to demonstrate the progress and accomplishments made throughout the year in their Torah studies.

The younger classes kicked off the presentations with a heartwarming demonstration of their Chumash learning. These young students read פסוקים of פרשת וירא that they had mastered and performed a charming skit that brought the stories of the Chumash to life.

Next, the 4th and 5th graders took the stage, demonstrating their growing love for Navi. Each student dressed up as a different Shofet (judge), reflecting the characters they were studying. They presented shields with drawings related to the events and stories of these characters, demonstrating their understanding and engagement with the texts. Rabbi Yossef Chayempour, the 4th grade rabbi, remarked, “It was the best way for our students to remember and reflect on what they learned. The boys were very excited to create shields depicting different aspects of Shofet life. It was a great way to end a year of hard work and learning.

The 6th and 7th grade students then presented a more advanced aspect of their learning, by delving into the Gemara. They staged a scene directly from the Gemara, showcasing their skills in interpreting and discussing the texts. Following this intellectual demonstration, the students also presented beautiful works of art inspired by their studies. Baruch Abayev, a 6th grade student, said, “I loved being able to draw what the Gemara said as we learned the information in it. It took us all year to make our posters and helped us understand what we were learning inside the Gemara. One piece showed how David Hamelech woke up to play his harp and sing Hashem which later became part of the tehillim. Another piece creatively illustrates Rabbi Yossi praying in a ruin and the conditions under which a ruin is considered important enough to recite Tefilla.

The event concluded with a lively barbecue, where families and friends enjoyed delicious food and celebrated the hard work and achievements of the students. This gathering not only highlighted the academic achievements of the students, but also fostered a strong sense of community and shared pride in their educational journey.

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