Grow your own fruit and vegetables: 11 fantastic books to get you started in 2024

If growing your own organic fruits and vegetables is on the agenda for 2024, we’ve listed the perfect books that will help you get started.

Find out how to grow your own fruits and vegetables in 2024

If you are considering growing your own fruits and vegetables but don’t know where to start, don’t panic as there are many books available for purchase that will show you month by month what and how to grow your favorite vegetables. food.

The days when growing your own fruit and vegetables was just for ‘retirees’ on your local plot are long gone. Since the start of the pandemic, and with the cost of living crisis, more and more young people than ever are appropriating their own plots of organic products, not only to live healthier, but also to reduce the cost of bills purchasing on the rise.

Along with household plots, many ordinary people use kitchen window sills and greenhouses at home, while others have begun to create their own fruit and vegetable gardens and raised beds in their outdoor space; and with retailers like John Lewis, Wilko, Amazon and B&Q providing you with everything you’ll need to get started, it’s 100% achievable, and January is the perfect time to start.

If you need help getting started and want to know how to organize your own organic plot, when to plant and harvest, as well as what tasks you should do and when – here are eleven of the best books on growing your own fruit and vegetables. you’ll want to familiarize yourself.

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Best Books on Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables 2024

1. Month-by-month allocation: grow your own fruits and vegetables

Best-selling book now costs just £8.96(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

Author Alan Buckingham is a long-time owner of land on the prestigious Royal Paddocks Allotments, near Hampton Court Palace in south-west London. He is also a freelance writer, editor, gardener and photographer and has over twenty years of experience through his work on best-selling books including DK’s Grow Fruit and Grow Vegetables and Allotment Month by Month.

Buy now Since Amazon (£8.96), was £17.99

2. RHS Step-by-Step Plant Patch: A Foolproof Guide to Every Step of Growing Fruits and Vegetables

Get this step-by-step guide from Amazon today(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • Detailed growing tips
  • Covers 1002 fruits and vegetables
  • Infallible advice
  • How to keep pests away
  • Information on different planting themes according to your needs
  • Tips for growing, caring and harvesting

The author Lucy Chamberlain is head gardener at East Donyland Hall, and before that Lucy worked at RHS Garden Wisley and as editor of Develop your own magazine and has been growing salads and vegetables since he was a teenager.

Lucy describes her own vegetable garden as “a miniature walled edible garden that allows her and her husband to be self-sufficient in produce all year round.”

Buy now Since Amazon (£11.76).

3. Vegetable Garden for Beginners: A Guide to Getting Started Growing Your Own Indoor or Outdoor Vegetable Garden

Cover container, raised bed and vegetable garden, planting in rows, saving seeds and microgreens(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

Learn to –

  • Grow your own unsweetened vegetables and fruits anywhere
  • Harvest and preserve your crops
  • Collect seeds for next year
  • Start Growing Microgreens All Year Round

From from containers, raised beds and vegetable gardens to row planting, seed saving and microgreens, author Elizabeth Martens has what you need.

Buy now Since Amazon (£6.99).

4. Greenhouse Gardening: How to Build a Greenhouse and Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits All Year Round

Find out how to master the art of greenhouse gardening(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • Learn how to schedule your plants for year-round gardening
  • Get an overview of how to grow different herbs, vegetables and fruits in your greenhouse.
  • Understand how to maintain your greenhouse and take care of your plants
  • Identify pests and diseases in your greenhouse and learn how to combat them
  • Learn how to heat your greenhouse and use ventilation to maintain the ideal humidity level.
  • Learn how to use lighting and irrigate your plants for optimal growth
  • Get an overview of the essential equipment you need to keep your garden healthy

This book is your one-stop guide to greenhouse construction, maintenance, and planting schedules. Find out how to choose the ideal greenhouse according to your needs, plan your plantings throughout the year and maintain a healthy garden.

Buy now Since Amazon (£10.99).

5. How to Grow Vegetables in Pots and Containers

Learn how to grow vegetables in pots and containers(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • In nine simple steps, you’ll learn to plant and harvest your own organic food in 21 days

  • The book then explains how to plant your seeds or vegetable plants.

  • Explains how to care for your plants, including watering, fertilizing and pruning.

  • How to Keep Pests and Diseases Away

  • Discover the benefits of container gardening and how it differs from traditional gardening

  • discover the different types of soil and which one is best suited to your vegetables.

  • How to Add Nutrients to Soil to Promote Healthy Plant Growth

“I have been gardening for over 60 years! You will learn from my successes – and failures – so you can grow a bountiful garden! – Luke Potter, author

Buy now Since Amazon (£13.79).

6. The Ultimate Guide to Raised Bed and Container Gardening: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits

If you want a raised bed or container, look no further(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • Learn to Plant: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Basil, Strawberries and More
  • Find out how to compost, save seeds, rotate crops

  • Using Natural Pest Control Strategies

  • How to make your garden productive and aesthetic

A great book for anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier life. You’ll be in good hands as author Olivia Phillips is passionate about health and nutrition, and her focus on using wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients is at the heart of her culinary philosophy, and she’s committed to sharing her knowledge with others.

Buy now Since Amazon (£11.92).

7. Growing Vegetables Month by Month: The Down-to-Earth Guide That Takes You Through the Vegetable Year

The down-to-earth guide that walks you through the plant year(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

Author John Harrison has been growing vegetables for over 30 years, so it’s fair to say you’ll be in good hands with his book.

Buy now Since Amazon (£4.99).

8. The market gardener’s manual: discover the full potential of your garden

Go ahead and discover the full potential of your garden(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • Tips and tricks to maximize the efficiency of your vegetable gardens
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on fundamental gardening techniques

  • Visual representations of the author’s innovative ideas to easily apply to your own vegetable garden

  • Competent, solid information to debunk the common myth that gardening requires too much time and effort

Author Huw Richards brings you a vegetable growing guide full of great tips for smart gardening, without compromising time, effort or money.

Buy now Since Amazon (£8.00).

9. The essential guide to subdivision: how to get the most out of your plot

Get the most out of your allotment with this essential guide(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • How to improve your chances of getting a benefit and moving up the waiting list

  • Tips for freeing up an allotment

  • Planning what to grow and how

  • Build compost bins

  • Using Raised Beds and Detailed Instructions on Growing the Best Vegetables and Fruits

Another from author John Harrison who has 30 years of experience growing vegetables and fruit. In his book he uses many biological methods, working with nature rather than against it.

Buy now Since Amazon (£6.17).

ten. Don’t throw it away, cultivate it! : 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scraps

68 Tips for Growing Food Plants on the Windowsill(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • Learn how to turn leftover pomegranate seeds, mango pits, and dried pieces of ginger root into thriving plants. From the common carrot to the exotic cherimoya

“You will be amazed at the gardening possibilities hidden in the foods you eat.” – Author Deborah Peterson

Buy now Since Amazon (£9.65).

11. The Herb Gardening Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing and Harvesting Herbs, Whatever Your Space

Why not grow your own organic herbs?(Amazon)

Main characteristics:

  • How to get started and the best conditions for growing herbs
  • Includes 15 herb projects that will suit everything from interior windowsills to balconies and gardens.
  • Includes an herb directory detailing best uses and what grows well together

  • Perfect for gardening beginners, as well as seasoned professionals looking to learn new tips and tricks.

Author Andrew Perry is the brains behind Urban Herbs, which started in 2011 on a few windowsills and grew to become an herb farm in Birmingham. He also works with local authorities to create community herb gardens and runs classes for inner-city school children, showing them how rewarding growing can be for the body and mind.

Buy now Since Amazon (£11.95).

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