Healthier, artisanal and grab-and-go options keep consumers coming back to the bakery

At the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, several startups and new brands showcased healthier breads that meet consumer demand for simple ingredients, minimal processing, functional benefits and trendy flavors. They also showcased grab-and-go and artisanal products that meet consumer desire for products that look homemade but are convenient and customizable.

For example, Croatian food tech company Boogie Lab combines traditional sourdough bread-making techniques with proprietary artificial intelligence-powered fermentation technology to precisely control the baking process and ensure consistent quality and a final product that it claims supports gut health and weight management, countering the commonly held belief that bread causes bloating or weight gain.

“For years, we’ve been told that bread is unhealthy. That it’s high in carbs. That it makes you bloated or gain weight. But I eat this bread every day and I don’t bloat or gain weight,” Brelynn Gonsales of Boogie Lab USA told FoodNavigator-USA.

She explained that Boogie Lab’s sourdough bread stands out from the competition because it’s a “Type 1” sourdough bread, meaning it’s made with only water, flour and salt and undergoes a tightly controlled, patent-pending fermentation process that promotes “bacteria that are good for your gut” and has a lower glycemic index so it doesn’t spike blood sugar.

Likewise, she added, Boogie bread is satiating, making people feel full when eating it and less likely to “keep eating and eating and eating,” as is the case with other breads, which can lead to weight gain.

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