Healthy Living Challenges for Summer 2023

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Sarah Sandeau

Summer in Helena means sunny days, green trees, and the city bustling with events and activities. As we shed those winter coats and begin to leave our cozy homes, it can also be a great time to connect with each other, explore aspects of Helena that we may not have known. and pick up a few healthy new habits along the way.

As you probably already know, eating healthy can strengthen your bones, boost your immunity, reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases, help you manage your chronic illness, and keep your skin, teeth, and eyes healthy. The list of benefits goes on and on! So why not start today?

Eating healthy, starting a movement routine, and other healthy habits can seem daunting or too much of a task to take on. Instead, start with a change that feels fun or exciting to you. Not sure what you want it to be? The Healthy Communities Coalition is here to help!

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The Healthy Communities Coalition is a Lewis and Clark County chronic disease prevention coalition with a vision to create a community where people are empowered to make healthy choices. They’ve worked on two healthy living activities to get you thinking about health in a fun and engaging way.

1. Healthy Living Challenge

Challenge everyone in Lewis and Clark County to try out some new healthy habits and potentially win a prize along the way! There are 14 tasks, and if you complete 10 or more, you can enter to win a local good. Tasks include things like cooking a new recipe, spending time outdoors with a friend, or taking a walk in the spring meadow.

You can download the map from our website:

Participate by submitting the form to the Lewis and Clark Library or via the QR link on the challenge.

Prizes are offered by Gardenworks, Keeping it Green, Lewis and Clark Library and the Hopper.

2. Farmer’s Market Bingo

Families, want to go to the Farmer’s Market and have an activity to connect with the family? Try the farmer’s market bingo! Work with your child to fill in the boxes with activities like “find a red fruit or vegetable” or “ask a farmer a question” to complete the card. Enjoy some quality time while learning about nutrition as a family.

Download the map from our website or visit St. Peter’s Health Table when they are at the market to pick one up.

For questions about these challenges or the Healthy Communities Coalition, contact Sarah Sandau, Lewis and Clark Public Health Prevention Programs Supervisor at (406) 457-8960 or [email protected].

Sarah Sandau is the Supervisor of Prevention Programs at Lewis and Clark Public Health.

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