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Artificial intelligence comes in many forms and pursues different goals. Some can create art, while others create entire essays. The fast food industry is taking AI and implementing it in their businesses.

How is AI used in fast food?

You’ve probably already encountered AI in a fast food restaurant. A recent Forbes article highlights some of the common ways AI is being used in the fast food industry.

  • Automated ordering systems, such as AI-powered kiosks and voice commands, can be found at places like McDonald’s.
  • AI drive-thru services, where AI would give recommendations to customers, are being tested by KFC and Taco Bell.
  • AI-based customer management involves creating marketing strategies and personalized offers based on customer data. It is used by Domino’s Pizza to suggest orders and increase customer satisfaction.

According to Axios, AI is also impacting the food industry, including robot servers and kitchen robots that can prepare certain foods. Forbes notes that there are several ways AI will continue to grow in the food industry.

  • More employees can be robots.
  • AI can help create healthier menu options.
  • Best AI voice technology and customer interactions.

How successful has AI been in fast food so far?

A company called Presto Automations provides “AI-powered drive-thru chatbots,” according to Business Insider, which have been used by fast food restaurants Del Taco, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Presto Automations once claimed that 95% of Orders received through its chatbots did not need human assistance, but an SEC report in late 2023 found that up to 70% or more of orders received through AI chatbots required human intervention, according to Business Insider.

More companies in the United States are turning to AI to fulfill orders and rely less on people, according to Business Insider. But only a few allow robots into the kitchen.

According to CBS News, a California restaurant, known as CaliExpress, is using robots to cook fries and flip burger meat. Using these robots, the restaurant is able to cook 250 pounds of fries per hour and cook 100 meat patties at a time, reducing the need to find human labor, according to CBS News.

“We can’t recruit enough people to come in and work the fryer and the grills,” CaliExpress owner Vic Aulakh told CBS News. “This is dangerous work and this automation helps solve a lot of the problems we have.”

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