How LVRN and Jerk X Jollof unite the African diaspora through music and culture

Since the 16th century, African and Caribbean communities have been closely linked. This fusion is undeniably present in today’s world, particularly in music, where the sounds of afrobeats, amapiano and dancehall harmonize.

LVRN (Love Renaissance) has officially made a targeted investment in cultural brand Jerk X Jollof, an initiative dedicated to maintaining connections between African and Caribbean cultures. Together, the two powers plan to strengthen the influence of these cultures beyond their localities and enhance their global appeal.

In 2016, Chukwudi ‘Chuks’ Nwamba and Brendan Asante created Jerk The momentum has grown since aligning with LVRN, featuring international sensations such as British Nigerian grime rap icon Skepta, Swaziland’s Uncle Waffles, Soulection’s Joe Kay and Andre Power, Nigerian producer Sarz and DJ Nigerian-American Tunez.

Tunde Balogun, co-founder of LVRN, is at the helm of this profound partnership and revealed to the writer that the main catalyst for the initiative was the unity of the African diaspora – a reality that resonated with him when he led DJ Spinall, one of Nigeria’s best disc jockeys. Spinall’s mastery of the tables at a Jerk

“The beauty is in the community that came out… Africans from all countries, people from the Caribbean and even those who did not belong to either community came to experience our culture,” Tunde explained.

Demonstrating such enjoyment is sure to dispel the pessimistic stigma surrounding Africans and Caribbeans, which often encourages disassociation from one another. Growing up as a Nigerian American in Atlanta, Balogun is no stranger to this rhetoric but finds it misguided, as he proved through the reserved success of LVRN.

A sampling of the elevated Jerk

The title of the initiative directly reflects its motto, highlighting two of the most revered dishes of the African diaspora: jerk chicken from Jamaica and jollof rice from West Africa. The food element of the initiative highlights its international appeal, with these renowned dishes being showcased as Jerk X Jollof expands to various locations.

Wherever they travel, they make it a point to work with trusted local food vendors who have proven expertise in the respective dishes. Essentially, the jerk chicken will probably come from a Jamaican cook, and the Jollof rice will surely be made by a Nigerian chef. These vendors charge a fee, but attendees at any Jerk X Jollof event can enjoy delicious food for free.

However, the partnership between LVRN and Jerk X Jollof primarily focuses on creatives, particularly DJs. Focusing primarily on putting on high-quality events, the union prioritizes finding often-overlooked disc jockeys and producers known in their localities for shaping the mood. Having spent 12 years as a DJ before becoming a music director, Balogun knows this all too well.

“DJs have positioned themselves more as artists, like Spinall, TXC, Uncle Waffles and Black Coffee, those kinds of people. And I said, I was like, you know what? I want to participate in the globalization of this. I see no reason why the talents I work with in the African and Caribbean space, who are DJs and emerging as artists, can’t be as big or bigger than Calvin Harris, Peggy Gou, Diplo or Martin Garrix. ” said Balogun.

Without a doubt, the theme of diversity is reflected not only in the deep union’s branding, but also in its entire work group. LVRN includes men from Nigeria, Jamaica, Ghana and Trinidad and has recently made a conscious decision to include women.

“I’m from Nigeria, two of my partners are from Ghana, one from Jamaica, one from Trinidad, and we’re all guys. And one of the most important things that we established early on was that if we’re going to found, we need to make sure that we’re a diverse set of people, particularly when it comes to women in positions high level,” Balogun remarked.

Balogun has managed to highlight the talents of the African diaspora through LVRN, from the DJ phenomenon Spinall, hosting Summer Walker’s debut album, Over It, to the marketing campaign for Davido’s album Timeless, without undoubtedly one of the most refined works of Afrobeats. .

Jerk With their focus on quality, featuring hosts and DJs Jae Murphy, Blakito and V-Liv, the event series is set to take off in October with a Jerk X Jollof stage at Promiseland Australia at Douglas Jennings Park on the Gold Coast.

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