How this Made in India sports nutrition and wellness brand improves the fitness of athletes

The role of nutrition in health and fitness cannot be overstated. Along with talent and hard work, supplements have become a necessity rather than a choice, giving athletes an edge in performance and training. Indian athletes have traditionally been at a disadvantage compared to their foreign counterparts when it comes to accessing premium nutritional supplements.

“Nutritional supplements provide nutrients that may not be obtainable through diet alone or may be needed in higher than usual amounts to support athletic performance or improve the health of various organs. For an athlete, nutritional supplements make it easier to obtain important nutrients to increase muscle mass, accelerate muscle recovery and provide the body with the fuel it needs to perform high-intensity exercises that require energy and strength. endurance,” says Aman Puri, founder of Steadfast. Nutrition, a recognized brand of sports nutrition and well-being.

He added, “The brand aims to bridge the gap between demand and availability of good quality nutraceutical products by Indian sportspersons. » Since its emergence on the sports nutrition scene in 2017, Steadfast Nutrition, which promotes sports and fitness as a lifestyle, has managed to give a boost to the fitness industry, becoming the preferred choice of many athletes and fitness enthusiasts thanks to its promise. of organ-friendly, rigorously tested supplements, served in individual sachets without a spoon.

The brand now offers a sports nutrition and wellness range that caters to over 35 sporting categories, including cricket, football, hockey, bodybuilding and boxing. It contains twelve unique protein formulations for sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Steadfast Nutrition also offers a diverse range of wellness nutrition that meets the needs of people from all backgrounds and varied age groups. Steadfast is a pioneer in promoting the concept of single-serve sachets and is one of the handful of Indian nutraceutical brands offering single-serve products, making them distinctly different from the boxed supplements offered by most other nutraceutical brands. nutraceuticals.

Talking about their journey, he said, “The journey has not been easy and initially it was a challenge to lure customers away from international products and give them the confidence to take supplements made in India.

“I was determined to provide our customers with uncompromising nutrition and develop a line of premium, organ-friendly products. Steadfast Nutrition has quickly carved a niche for itself, becoming the fastest growing sports nutrition company in India. We have surely and consistently made a difference in the world of sports nutrition and wellness. Several athletes fueled by our supplements have won medals for India at national and international events, including the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Our wellness supplements have enabled several people to take proactive steps to improve their health and well-being,” says Aman Puri. Steadfast Nutrition’s parent company, Steadfast MediShield, is a pioneer in kidney care, the group has a turnover of over Rs 75 crore in total. Steadfast Nutrition grew 70% between fiscal 2022 and 2023.

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