How to find Julian’s recipe

Something is happening in the kitchen of Spirittea’s restaurant, and only you can put the kitchen back in order by preparing a special soup. Here’s how to find Julian’s recipe in Spirittea.

The Dinner and Dasher Incident

You will see a notice appear on the town sign about dining and dining in the town, which will make Julian angry. Julian is a little harder to reach, as he tends to sleep in or call in the mornings and on weekends. The best thing is to meet him in the afternoon at the restaurant and hear his story. If all goes well, you should be able to enter the spiritual vision and find lunch and dinner immediately.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

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Even if Wonyan gets angry as usual, this spirit will not move unless you make it the food he desires most. Talk to Julian again after the dialogue exchange. He tells you that he lent the recipe to Tifa. However, Tifa informs you that she lost it on the west beach, and begs you to help her before Julian leaves it with her.

How to find and prepare Julian’s recipe in Spirittea

You would be forgiven for thinking that there might be another spirit on the beach, or perhaps you will have to find it at a specific tide, or perhaps even fish to find it. I’ll save you some time and tell you that the answer is actually much simpler. Just pick up the hermit crabs until we drop the recipe.

Julians recipe found Spirittea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The family soup recipe requires purple shrimp soup, soy sauce (General Store for 49 Moolags), and demon chili. First, you need the Purple Shrimp Soup recipe from the General Store (30), which requires ugligrass (found near the bus stop near the bathhouse stairs next to the east beach ), shrimp (general store, 65) and spicy peppers (also from the general store, 40). Demon pepper, on the other hand, is found on a plant growing in front of the public baths.

When you are going to make the two recipes on the fire, make sure you go from cooking to boiling. Otherwise, you will get junk food instead of soup. Use E and Escape to navigate with A and D to your backpack to collect the ingredients, then press Start.

Recipe Julians Cuisine Spirittea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With the soup in hand, come back to mind during Julian’s work hours in the afternoon to give him the soup. The spirit reveals itself to be Wasajiji, and with that, he leaves for the baths. The restaurant can now exist in peace.

Wasajiji reveals spiritual tea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It’s all on Julian’s side, but Tifa gives you an expensive statue as a reward if you talk to her again for saving her from her wrath.

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